Outdoor Social Distancing Material for your Business

outdoor social distancing - Bollard Covers

While you may have considered your social distancing material for inside your business, it can sometimes be easy to bypass the outdoor social distancing material.

With more restrictions coming into place, businesses are becoming more and more restricted with how many, if any people can visit their premises. However, sometimes, in the case of essential businesses remaining open, the likelihood of you having to queue outside of the store is very likely.

So we have put together a list of outdoor social distancing material to help your business safely and effectively promote social distancing guidelines.

Social Distancing A Board 

Ensure that employees and visitors to your premises are reminded of recommended social distancing guidelines with our highly visible Outdoor A-Board. This heavy duty A1 sized sign is robust and long lasting. Coupled with 2x A1 waterproof posters (included in this cost), it is the perfect outdoor social distancing reminder.

Social Distancing Site Signage 

Working extensively with construction and manufacturing businesses all across the UK & Ireland, we have designed a suite of branded indoor and outdoor site signage. This signage can be utilised for effective social distancing messages or any other communication you aim to present to your workforce and site visitors.

As employers you have a duty to protect your staff, customers and visitors to your premises and the best way is to provide key social distancing requirements  and s around your premises. We provide a range of social distancing site signs for you to display around your premises for everyone to clearly read and view.

We use an outdoor resistant, durable and high quality gloss vinyl for all our site signage. Once printed, we apply the vinyl to a 4mm corrugated board. The combined result is a wonderfully robust product.

We offer a range of sizes to suit you requirements, including 2ft x 1ft, 2ft x 2ft, 4ft x 2ft, 8ft x 4ft. 

PVC Banners 

When you need portable outdoor signage to promote social distancing, the most cost effective extremely large format option is our 3x1m A Frame & 2x PVC Banners. This freestanding frame is portable and the graphics are interchangeable. Making it a great investment for post social-distancing communications.

Bollard Covers 

Our printed bollard covers have been designed alongside our range of social distancing material to assist businesses in maintaining awareness and knowledge of the appropriate social distancing measures. 

Bollard covers can be used on their own, or as a complimentary addition to your current social distancing material. Most commonly, they are seen outdoors in car parks and open spaces surrounding your business premises. With the current government guidelines in place, there has never been a greater demand for outdoor promotional material. With customers and visitors now having to que outdoors before entering your premises, using bollard covers can be highly effective in not only outlining recommended distances, but also for highlighting other social distancing recommendations and guidelines you have put in place.

Outdoor Social Distancing Posters

Our waterproof social distancing posters are not only capable of all that our weather throws at it, but being completely wiped clean they can be included in your premises cleaning schedule. About our Social Distancing Outdoor Posters Printed on a 300micron Grey Textured banner material, they provide the perfect printed medium for your social distancing and COVID-19 related communication materials. Our outdoor posters are available in a number of sizes, including A0,A1 & A2. However, we can also provide smaller sizes in both A3 & A2 if you would like. Our outdoor posters are the next generation of laminated poster printing. For less than the cost of lamination, these extra durable outdoor proof posters are tougher and stronger than their laminated counterparts. Perfect for medium to long term outdoor use.