Benefits of using Roller Banners

Roller Banners - Kaizen print Display Product Options

Successful businesses are those that make an active effort to stand out. Presence is everything and they know exactly how to expose their brand convincingly, as well as effectively.

Over the years, many businesses have made use of roller banners as one of their key marketing/promotional tools.

What are roller banners?

Roller banners provide a portable display solution. They are usually retractable and come with a stand as well as an adjustable aluminium pole. The pole is beneficial to any business with a banner stand as it provides support to hold the banner upright at the desired height.

Roller Banners are the perfect product for exhibitions as well as trade shows. Having a comparatively larger size, roller banners easily grab attention, even if someone is standing at a distance. Kaizen Print offers a wide range of roller banner products to suit every requirement and budget. Whether you want high-quality, premium, and double-sided roller banners or regular affordable banners, we are here to help.

We provide the best roller banner design with vibrant colour and top-notch graphics, allowing you to stand out in the crowd and grab as much attention as possible.Buy quality roller banners at Kaizen Prints to meet your specific needs – be it indoor or outdoor – from our comprehensive range of roller banner printing options.

Why use roller banners?

Fit for any occasion

Unlike other marketing/promotional tools, roller banners can be used at various different occasions and places: meetings, business conferences, trade fairs, sales events, product launches, reception desks, store openings and much more.

Easy to set up

Roller banners are very easy to set up; they are not at all complicated. All that is required when setting up is to pull up the banner from the stand to the required height and then place the aluminium pole behind to support it upright. When disassembling, simply take out the aluminium pole and then pull the banner up for it to automatically retract into the stand.

We actually have a. step by step guid on assembling your roller banner;

  1. Take the Roller Banner from the padded carrier case Unzip the padded carrier case and slip the banner cartridge carefully from this.
  2. Create a firm base by opening the feet outWith the unit on the ground, open the feet so that they are perpendicular from the base and allow the unit to “stand” steadily
  3. Put together the large poleTake the pole elements from the back of the unit and assemble it to make one large pole.
  4. Insert the pole to the roll up banner cartridgeFeed the bottom of the pole through the receiving hole on the back of the roller banner. Ensure the pole reaches the black nubbin at the bottom of the unit and clicks into place.
  5. Pull up the banner and clip the pole to the top of the graphicFirmly grabbing the clip rail on the graphic and with weight on the foot, lift the graphic and fit the plastic element to the top of the roller banner pole


Roller banners are not only inexpensive but allow for great detailed personalisation. Logos, graphics, visuals, special offers, promotions and product features are all possible to represent as well as combine on roller banners. With a mix of creative design templates and the right amount of content, roller banners can deliver the intended message sufficiently without demanding too much time of the intended audience.


At events, it’s all well having a whole host of marketing materials such as flyers and brochures available, but people need to see something more powerful and eye-catching to truly capture their attention. Roller banners provide the dominating presence (due to their size and scope) needed to provide people with an overview of the business before finding out in-depth what the business does through other marketing materials.

Highly portable

Due to their retractable design, roller banners can easily be rolled up and packed away in their storage case. Roller banners, therefore, can be used on multiple occasions and can be transported around the world. They are also likely to stay in a professional condition as the storage case provides sturdy protection from any potential transportation hazards.

Nice and compact

Roller banners are tall and narrow thus compact enough, ensuring they do not take up too much space. At events where floor space is often limited and costly, they provide an instantaneous impact and a great first impression. Since they can be rolled up and stored in their safe storage case, there is no hassle associated with worrying about where to store it when not in use.


Unlike flyers and brochures, which can often be taken away and then just disposed of, roller banners have a longer ‘shelf life’. If the content, design, graphics and message are delivered in the right manner (and has no visible date or time on it,) roller banners can be used over and over again.