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You’ve spent weeks, if not months planning your fundraising efforts. The MD has been on a 100 mile cycle wearing a Mr Blobby costume and you’ve raised a handsome sum for your chosen charitable organisation. Your noble quest is now complete. Good for you! Almost, except for your presentation cheque!

Now there is no one on this planet who would engage in fundraising activities just for a positive PR and Marketing story. That said, we should not make any apologies for using this activity to further promote the goodwill activities our company has engaged in. For many organisations, the conclusion of any fundraising activity is the ceremonial activity of handing over a presentation cheque to your chosen charity or organisation.

What are presentation cheques?

A presentation cheque goes by many names. Jumbo Cheque, Mega Cheque, Novelty Cheque or Large Presentation Cheque, they are ultimately all the same product. At Kaizen Print we offer 2 styles of presentation cheque printing.

  • Single Use – Printed on a 150gsm silk poster paper, these presentation cheques are suitable for one use. They can be written on with a permanent market such as a Sharpie or the text and number values can be printed by our team during the production process.
  • Reusable Presentation Cheque – Our most commonly ordered product is the reusable version. These cheques are printed on a gloss vinyl and then a gloss laminate is applied to the top of this. The vinyl is applied to a 3mm foamex board allowing it to be used as a very effective prop in a photoshoot. With the graphic being laminated, the presentation cheque can be written on with a whiteboard marker and then cleaned after use for the next time it is required

There are obvious price differences for each of the 2 types of presentation cheque we print at Kaizen Print. There are merits for both and if you do aim to use the cheque more than once, we highly recommend the reusable version.

Presentation Cheque Design & Templates

With every presentation cheque order we offer free use of one of our many design templates. These templates include all major UK & Irish banks and a number of charities whom past customers have given their donations to. In addition to the templates, we have an unbranded version, to which we can add your company’s logo free of charge.

Presentation Cheque Printing

During the order process you can add your logo to the artwork upload page and add your text/number values to the Notes box. Alternatively if you miss this step during the order process, our team will be in touch to request these from you after we have received the order.

If you choose to submit your own artwork for your presentation cheque, then we do as you to follow our standard print ready guidelines:

Print Ready Artwork – Presentation Cheques

Bleed – We request that all artwork for presentation cheques are supplied with a 3mm bleed on each side.

Colour Profile – Please ensure that all elements within your design have been imported as CYMK assets. When creating your project please also ensure that CYMK, not RGB is selected from the colour profile settings.

File Type – As standard a High quality PDF is requested for all projects. Standard settings on this are fine from most vector based design software programmes. Just ensure you have selected bleed to be included in the outputted pdf

High Resolution Images – Within a presentation cheque its rare that you will use imagery beyond that of your logo. However as this project is likely to be photographed, you will want this to be as sharp as possible. With that in mind, please ensure you use only high res images at 300dpi.

If any of the above is outside of your own skill set or knowledge, please do not worry. The entire Kaizen Print artworking team is always on hand to walk you through the process. 

What Makes A Good Presentation Cheque?

Being completely honest, there’s very little that can go wrong with the design and print of a presentation cheque. They are pretty standard across the board and we’ve picked the best specification for both types of cheques we provide based on both quality and price. 

Always get someone with good handwriting to write the details on your reusable presentation cheque though. There’s nothing worse than p1 handwriting in your top level marketing….

At Kaizen Print we’re dedicated to the highest levels of customer service. We know our products are of the highest quality in the marketplace and endeavour to bring you industry leading prices and lead times. If you want to get in touch with our team about any printing, not just a presentation cheque, we would be delighted to assist. You can get in touch with the team via our contact form or on 028 9002 2474.