Why Strut Cards are a Reception Desk Necessity

Strut cards are a simple but highly effective means of advertising. The humble strut card may be small but what it lacks in stature it more than makes up for in impact. 

Ideal for scenarios where your customers are likely to get up close and personal with your strut card messaging, such as on shop counters, bar tables or in cafes. Strut cards are not intended to be read from a distance or to be seen by large groups all at the same time, instead they intended to act as a more personal form of advertising to be read at around an arm’s distance. 

Here’s why you need strut cards at your reception;

Ideal for one to one advertising

Receptions, by their nature are intended to be about one to one conversation, there is plenty of scope to benefit from a similar kind of one to one advertising such as strut cards. While strut cards are relatively small – especially in comparison to most attention-seeking advertising platforms – this is not a disadvantage, but more of a horses for courses kind of problem. In fact, because of it’s smaller size, strut cards are often more likely to be read in more detail. 

Like when reading a book, your customers are more likely to spend a little more time thinking and reading what your advertising has to say if it is presented to them in such a way as to be considered more personal to that connection with you. 

While busy commuters, pedestrians and passers-by may glance at and forget the larger forms of advertising surrounding us, there is something about a small little strut card that just asks to be read and to be spent a little more quality time with. 

Great for providing useful information

A reception is there for a number of reasons, but one major reason is to provide useful information to the general public or visitors. 

Strut cards are a great way to both advertise products or services, but also to present useful information relevant to the premises that you occupy or the service that you provide. As already mentioned, strut cards are a great way to get visitors to stop for a second and read the messaging presented to them. For this reason, they are also a fantastic way to provide additional useful information or to point them to resources that may be of some use. 

Make waiting times productive

Another reason strut cards are great for reception areas is that they fill in the dead time that can naturally occur. By filling in this time you are not only providing some light entertainment for your visitors. You are also taking advantage of an opportunity to get your message across without your audience getting distracted by either all of the other tasks that they may be in the middle of completing, or by all of the competing messages that they are served by various brands and businesses either when out and about or searching online. 

Discreet and unobstructive

Strut cards are ideal when you are short on space. Placed neatly on your reception desk, the strut card will not be an obstruction to either receptionist or visitor, while still retaining all of the benefits already mentioned. 

Ideal for advertising on a budget

Strut cards are relatively inexpensive to produce and are therefore also inexpensive to buy. When considering whether or not to opt for strut cards for your reception, it’s worth weighing up the benefits of having them versus the very minor outlay of cost – especially when compared to other forms of advertising. 

Kaizen Print

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