Why Should Restaurants Invest in Disposable Menus?

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Disposable menus are the safest option to reduce any type of contact between the customers. Therefore these menus are the need of the restaurants these days. Many state governments issued strict guidelines for restaurants in which they mandated the uses of disposable menus and restricted the other touchable menus. Obviously, this step is taken by the governments to reduce the spread of COVID 19 in their states. 

As an owner of a restaurant, it is your obligation to abide by the rules and regulations issued by the governments to protect the civilians. You need to eliminate the uses of all touchable menus except disposable menus in your restaurant. It is a must for the prevention of the outbreak and the protection of everyone.

If you think that printing thousands of disposable menus can cost you high or it is a waste of money & paper, then you are wrong. It is very cheap. You can easily afford it. If you ask the cost of menu printing to a printing solution, you will be surprised to know the charges. It is as low as $16. Comparatively, it is a very cheap and profitable deal. It is neither waste of money nor waste of paper as it is the need of the hour. 

Here we have compiled a few reasons and benefits for which you should invest in disposable menus. 

Single-Use Menus- The Safest Option

As the name suggests, disposable menus are the one-time use menus. They use & throw material, and therefore, they are the safest option in this COVID 19 crisis. They break the chain of contacts between customers which prevents the spread of Coronavirus and any type of germ, bacteria, and infection.  

Contain a Lot of Information

Disposable menus can contain a lot of information. They come in a wide range of sizes and designs, you can choose one out of many sizes as per your requirements. Whether you want to put 500 words content or 1000 words content on it, you can put it with the help of a designer or printing solution provider. Just prepare your inventory and other content and send it to the printing service.

Select From Thousands of Designs

The graphic designers have thousands of designs already ready for your menus. Consult with them to choose the most attractive and inspiring design. You also have an option of custom design. You can explain your requirements to the designer, he will prepare the same for you within an hour. 

One-Side, Double-Sided, Three-Pages Menus

Multiple options are available in printing pages. If you own a big restaurant and your inventory has so much content, then you should choose either a two-sided menu or three-pages menu, whichever suits best to your inventory’s size. On the other side, if your inventory’s size is small, then you can go with a one-sided option. 

High-Quality Printing

As it is disposable, you would have thought that it would be of poor print quality. It is not so. These are printed using high-resolution fonts, colors, texts, and graphics that make them attractive as well as make your brand expressive. So, be assured about it 

Personalised Menus

Unlike the digital and banner menus, these menus are personalized that help customers to have a detailed overview of the inventory and find out their favorite dishes. Customers can have these menus already available on their tables. This allows them to sit & relax, have a deep look at the inventory, and order their favorite foods after discussing with each other. Customers prefer these menus more than other touchable menus which are taken for reuse. 

Top Interaction Level

As it is a personalized menu, its interaction level is very high. Customers can have these menus in their hands and check out all the details without taking help from the staff. The top interaction level leaves a strong impression on customers’ minds and motivates them to come again and again. 


The graphics, colors, fonts, and an organized inventory used in disposable menus make them very attractive. They attract and engage the customers with the interest of the restaurant. As the owner of a restaurant, you can make them more attractive to the uses of foods and drinks-related graphics. For this, you can take the help of printing solutions or graphic designers. 


As we mentioned above, printing disposable menus are cost-effective. It is cheaper than other types of menus. You can get a thousand prints of disposable menus at only about $85. 

No Additional Expenses

Unlike digital menus, there are no additional service and maintenance charges. You need to invest once only in printing. One thousand prints of disposable menus can easily last 2-4 months. 

Needs No Lamination

High-quality premium silk and uncoated papers are used for the printing of disposable menus. These papers need no lamination as they are already covered with a thin film or layer of protection. That means there are no lamination charges. 

These are the top eleven reasons and benefits for which you should start investing in disposable menus instead of promoting other types of menus. In this pandemic period, these are the ideal options as these promote the prevention of the spread of COVID 19 by breaking the chain of contacts between customers.