What is a Presentation Cheque?

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Large presentation cheques are a fantastic way for both private organisations and charities to promote fundraising activities to a huge audience outside each of their respective organisations. By their nature, a large presentation cheque is oversized and is therefore suitable to create an eye-catching PR photo opportunity. One that can be used right across all digital marketing channels and also distributed to trade publications and the local press.

We have clients right across the UK; football clubs, businesses, financial firms and of course charities, who understand the benefits of using a jumbo cheque in their marketing, however we do appreciate that many organisations have not engaged in this type of working previously and therefore may not be aware of the benefits this can have from a PR and marketing perspective.

What type of presentation cheque should I buy?

There are many types of presentation cheques available to buy online, ranging from just a few pounds right up £60 + £70 and above. With a huge array of options available it can be quite daunting when choosing the most suitable presentation cheques for your marketing purposes. When ordering a presentation cheque from Kaizen Print, we have decided to strip the mystery from your purchasing decision by providing only two types of presentation cheques; A budget single use option and a more robust reusable/ wipeable presentation cheque. Both are great value and serve a super purpose, but very much at distinct price points. If you need your presentation cheque for one photo only, we recommend the single use version. Alternatively if you need to reuse a cheque time and time again for multiple  photo  opportunities then our reasonable cheque will be much more cost effective over the longer term. 

How to use a presentation cheque

Using a big cheque in a PR photo creates a great Visual Impact  that allows the photographer a focal Point and product to use alongside the Press release in any distribution to the media. From a charities perspective, any free exposure is positive and having those fundraisers, whether they are private individuals or organisations presenting a promotional cheque to you is a great opportunity from a social media  perspective.  it’s also great to use in any traditional printed material you may send to those who donate to the organisation. 

Customising your presentation cheque

At Kaizen print we offer a number of generic presentation cheque templates for use by all  our clients free of charge.  These cheques  include many of the high street banks and also a number of the most commonly ordered  charity brands. In addition we also have a blank template that can be fully customised with your own company logo text and  amount raised. This gives you full flexibility to customise your presentation cheque as required.

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At Kaizen Print we have helped numerous businesses and organisations make a splash with Presentation Cheques. We are on-hand with practical tips and advice when it comes to your design. We are also experts when it comes to outstanding print results. Our exacting standards and dedication to only the best quality at the best value make us the ideal supplier for your Presentation Cheques. To find out more about how we can help you can visit our Large Presentation Cheques page or by getting in touch via our contact form or by calling 028 9507 2007.