Kaizen Tips on Working From Home

working from home

Working from home has become the new normal in this unique situation we as businesses find ourselves in.

With teams used to being in an office environment, surrounded by their team, switching to a home office can be a huge change and adjustment.

At Kaizen, we are all now working remotely also, and like every other business, we are starting to get into the swing of things as the days pass by.

Here are our top tips on how you can best work from home;

1. Designate a specific work area

Allow yourself a space in your house to use for your work. Have an area where you can zone out and check your emails, do your work and communicate with your colleagues. 

2. Do something that isn’t work to start your day 

On a normal working day, you don’t wake up and go straight to your desk. Maybe wake up earlier and give yourself time to have a hot drink, read a few pages in your book or have breakfast. Then start your day’s work.

working from home

3. Dress for work

Although you might be tempted by the thought of working in your pajamas – it can limit your work productivity. If you get ready for work, you can allow your mind to make the mental shift from home to work.

4. Know the structure of your day 

Structure is key to successfully working from home. Set out your working times and stick to those. It can be easy to let those slip when you are not in an office space. Start when you are meant to and stop when you usually would.

5. Be courteous to other members on your team

Working without the ability to speak face to face can be challenging at the best of times, so be patient and understanding to your colleagues while you adjust to working remotely with one another .

working from home

6. Take care of yourself

Self isolating and working from home can be testing on every one of us. So look after yourself, take time to wind down after a day’s work and check in with yourself regularly.

working from home

7. Take regular breaks

Allow yourself time to step away from your desk or workspace and reset your mind. Even if it’s five minutes to step outside and get some fresh air, it can help you to keep your focus throughout the day.

working from home

8. Focus on finishing projects

Is there a project you have been pushing to the bottom of your list? If you have some spare time while working from home, use it to tick a few task off your list.

working from home

9. Keep on communicating

Although your team may not be around you, they are still your teammates and colleagues. Stay in constant communication with them throughout the day, the same way you would if you were office based. 

working from home

10. Use this time to develop your own skills.

This is a hugely challenging time for all and the ability to use it wisely for your personal development is a huge advantage. 

At Kaizen

Our team are still on hand to help and assist you with every query you may have, be that on print or something business related.

We are very much aware that we are in this together, and so we are here to help if you ever need it.