Reusable presentation cheques and their advantages

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Presentation cheques are a fantastic way to spread the word about a positive news story you have been involved in. They are also a great way to reward others. If you are unsure of what a presentation cheque is, they are usually seen during charity events, such as at marathons or on comic relief. The novelty size makes them ideal for presentations and photo opportunities. Reusable presentation cheques are therefore of course presentation cheques that you can use repeatedly over and over. Here’s why, if you’re thinking about investing in a presentation cheque, you might want to consider a reusable one.

They’re ideal if you hold multiple events

For those who regularly hand out presentation cheques, it makes sense to invest in a reusable presentation cheque. Typically the type of organisations who may require repeated use of presentation cheques include;

  • Charities
  • Council bodies
  • Awards bodies
  • Institutions, i.e. universities
  • Academies
  • And more….

Organisations such as these regularly exchange sums of money to good causes. And these good causes are ones that for PR reasons they would like the world to know about. For this reason having a reusable presentation cheque to rely on is a fantastic solution. 

Ad hoc celebrations or awards

On the other hand you may not work for an organisation that makes regular use of presentation cheques. This doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t take advantage of them however. In business we don’t always have time to wait, nor do we always plan ahead (as much as we know we should). You may have an awards ceremony coming up, or you might want to quickly recognise a member of staff. Waiting for print and delivery of a presentation cheque can hold up delivery times.  Having a presentation cheque ready as a fail-safe option can help when it comes to scenarios such as this. 

Good for exposure

If you’re looking to get your brand out there then reusable presentation cheques is a great way to achieve this. Fully customisable, presentation cheques can be branded. By branding your presentation cheques you can ensure that every time it is seen in a newspaper or online your brand is front and centre for all to see. The more you make use of presentation cheques the more exposure you will get. By investing in a reusable cheque that’s one less barrier to making them a regular part of your PR and marketing plan. 

It’s a great cost-effective option

One of the biggest advantages of making use of reusable presentation cheques is of course that it makes good sense financially. Rather than paying out for every time you require a presentation cheque you can simply reuse one that you have already prepared and waiting to go. So not only do you save on the hassle of having to design and print a new presentation cheque every time, you also save time and money in the process too. 

Restore to as good as new

It is important when using a presentation cheque that the product is of a high quality. A low quality presentation cheque can present a bad impression. Not what you want for that all-important photo opportunity! It is also important therefore that every time you reuse a presentation cheque it retains this same high quality finish. The great thing about our reusable presentation cheques at Kaizen Print is that they are;

  • High quality – printed on 3mm foamex matt or laminated vinyl
  • Durable – high quality printing materials ensure a superior finish
  • Washable – all trace of previous text can be washed off

This means that with the correct care there your presentation cheque should look as good at the tenth time of use as the first. By opting for quality fully reusable presentation cheques you can ensure that no remnants of previous text or marks on your cheque will show through.

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