Customising Your Reception Area with Vinyl

vinyl | kaizen print belfast
vinyl | kaizen print belfast

When it comes to your reception area, first impressions are everything. Excluding the exterior of your building, your reception area is the first point of contact for visitors to your premises. And for the majority of businesses, reception areas are there to host visitors that are deemed valuable to the business. It is vital therefore that you make the right impression with the layout of and design of this space. There are a few key ingredients to creating the perfect reception area.

You’ll want this space to achieve the following objectives;

Create a calming and welcoming space

Many types of visitors are likely to come and go from your premises and they will have all kinds of different reasons for visiting. For each and every one of them however, you can help to improve their experience for the better by providing a welcoming reception space. This in turn will be paid back to you in the positive outlook visitors will take away about you and your business. 

Tell them a little something about who you are

Your reception area is also an opportunity to tell your visitors about what is important to your business. For many visitors it may be their first interaction with your brand. By putting a marker out there about what is valuable to you as a business you can immediately shape the way they perceive your business. 

Provide visitors with useful information

A reception area is an ideal space to give visitors additional information about the service that you provide. Your visitors may be required to wait for some time in the reception area. They are likely therefore to want to pass the time in some way or another. By providing useful information to your customers in your reception area you can;

  • Help to fill the waiting time
  • Answer any questions your visitors may have 
  • Entertain and inform your guests
  • And generally improve the overall visitor experience

Why opt for vinyl

Vinyl is a fantastic choice for businesses looking to improve their reception area. Vinyl is great for a number of reasons, as it is;

Flexible as to size and shape

No matter what the size or shape of your reception area, vinyl is ideal as it can be cut to all manner of shapes and sizes. Vinyl can therefore be used for your reception counter, your entire reception space, or a presentation wall. Whatever you require, vinyl can offer a solution. 

Offers fantastic design opportunities

Vinyl looks great. The final result of a design made on vinyl can be truly stunning. When it comes to design, the only limitation is your creativity. 

Available as permanent or removable

Sometimes we want to change things. Inevitably in any business we change things. It may be that you rebrand, or that you may wish to move premises in the future, or are in the process of moving. It could be that you just get bored and fancy a change yourself. Whatever it is, there are plenty of reasons why you might wish to have the flexibility of an interior design option that can be removed if required. Vinyl is ideal in this scenario as you can choose between permanent and removable vinyl options. 

Cost effective

In comparison to other forms of interior design, vinyl is a cost-effective option. Vinyl offers amazing final results and great value for money, so it really is a win-win!

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