The Benefits of Waterproof Posters

Waterproof Posters

The Benefits of Waterproof Posters

We’ve all come into contact with posters that have seen better days. The colour has faded and the sides are beginning to peel and split either due to the length of time that it has occupied that particular space or due to the conditions in which it has been kept. Well with waterproof posters you can extend the period of time that you can expect your posters to last thus keeping your message looking fresher for longer. Tougher and more durable than laminated printing – not to mention less expensive – waterproof posters are the ideal solution for anyone looking to advertise for a medium to long-term length of time in an area that is exposed to the elements. 

Extend the expiration date of your advertising

If you have a product or service that you want to promote for an extended period, and you don’t want to be limited to advertising indoors alone, then waterproof posters are an ideal solution. Waterproof posters can withstand a great deal of wear and tear and are protected against water damage. The colours of your poster will take much longer to run or fade, and your message will resonate with your intended audience for longer – effectively providing a more effective advert. 

Look good for longer

While a traditional poster can physically last for a long period of time, the effectiveness of your message will only decline the more tired and old your poster looks. By ensuring that your message is kept fresh looking, you can ensure that you won’t be looked at as though you are yesterday’s news. Impressions are everything when it comes to impressing your audience, so any opportunity to look fresh, vibrant and new should be grabbed with both hands. 

Reach a wider audience

Because of the aforementioned concerns over the durability of posters through all weather conditions, many brands and businesses will instead opt to display their posters in covered areas. Now while there are numerous fantastic opportunities to get your message out to audiences beneath sheltered areas, be it within pubs and clubs, at tube stations, or in other well-populated buildings such as leisure centres or libraries, by limiting yourself to these sheltered areas you are still missing key opportunities unnecessarily. A durable poster will not only stand out because of its ability to keep its shape and quality but also simply for the fact that there tends to be less competition from other posters and advertisements that tend to be kept indoors. 

Draw in passers-by

Another way waterproof posters can help you to reach a wider audience is outside your own venue or shop. While it is possible to put up posters within your building or in the windows, having waterproof posters gets you that bit closer to your desired audience directly outside your premises. By providing enticing offers and messages outside your store or venue, you can lure in your target audience at a critical moment in time for your business. 

Wipe clean

As well as being great at battling the elements, waterproof posters are also very good at battling all manner of different types of wear and tear. If you have posters up in your kitchen or cafeteria, for instance, they are likely to come into contact with grease and condensation that can lead to the posters looking tired or dirty and marked. With waterproof posters, you can simply wipe away the grime that can collect on your posters, ensuring that your posters maintain a clean and sharp overall look and feel. 

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