Why Students Choose Kaizen?

A large percentage of kaizen’s business comes from the thriving student population that surrounds our office, Queens is just round the corner and Ulster University is relocating to more central location. Whether it’s for end of year shows, powerpoint presentations or even flyers for events at the students union there is a lot of print involved in a students everyday life, but why do the students trust us with their printing needs?

Firstly let’s talk about price, students are renowned for living at the bottom of the barrel, on a tight budget scraping through until the next glorious boost from student finance. Here at Kaizen we know students will come to us with a budget that’s next to nothing, and we try to be as fairly priced as we can, considering the high quality print we work with. For example, a large poster sized A2 that would work perfectly as a visual aid alongside a presentation would only set you back a mere 7 quid.

Another reason students love coming to kaizen is because they know they can trust us when all else fails and they haven’t left themselves a lot of time to get their projects finished. We’ve all been there, stuck on a particular piece of coursework that has to be handed in in less than a day and you’ve only just started! Not to worry, a lot of our print doesn’t take long to finish, so give us a buzz on the website, via email or else on the phone and we’ll let you know how long a job will take. Once we’ve confirmed the time we won’t let you down.

It’s so convenient for students to use kaizen for their printing jobs as its so central to Belfast and Queens, you can walk from Queens university to kaizen in as little as 8 minutes! Making it the perfect one stop shop for any sensible students printing needs.

Don’t stress! You’ve got a project due and you need to print something to go alongside it but your not very confident in how to create your poster, don’t worry we’re here to help at kaizen. Just phone us on 028 9002 2474, contact us on our website, or pop in to see us. You can be sure you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team members that will be more than happy to help you with your predicament. Perhaps you don’t feel like talking, our websites full of useful little help sections to help you achieve your printing goals.

Your work means a lot to you, we know this, and your custom means a lot to us. Thats why were confident when we say your print will be done by a specific time and it will be! And when we say your print is going to be of the highest quality available you can trust us that it will be, perfect for making your end of year showpiece memorable or making your presentation the one that stands out amongst the crowd. As a student you know you can trust us with your printing needs. Were quick, reasonably priced, conveniently located, friendly, reliable and produce the highest quality print available. Students trust us, that’s why they come to kaizen.

If your a student and you think print would be a great addition to your coursework or a project you are working on we would love to hear from you and help get you set up. To get in touch with our team please do call 028 9002 2474, email us via the website or just pop in to our production hub at 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast.