Perfect Uses For Waterproof Posters

Here at Kaizen Print we are glad to be able to offer you a whole host of options for poster printing, from quick printed small format in A4 or A3 to larger format options, such as A1 and A0. However, we don’t just stop there, as we can also offer you fabric and waterproof posters, and today it is the latter that we want to talk a bit about.

Printed onto a 300 micron Polypropylene Film and available in sizes from A2 to A0, our waterproof posters are fantastic for medium term outdoor use, with the ability to survive those Northern Irish elements! And what’s even better, they are able to be wiped clean, meaning what’s on them will be visible no matter what the conditions.

One thing with these posters, is that customers of ours may not know that we are able to supply them, instead opting for standard laminated posters, which while they will do the job, certainly won’t last as long. However, within this article we are going to take a look at the different places our waterproof posters can be deployed, so that you know the option is there should you require it!

Outdoor Events:

Coming into the summer in Northern Ireland, especially here in Belfast there are often a lot of outdoor events beginning to happen, such as concerts. It is for these that our waterproof posters see their biggest claim to fame. Over the years we have worked with many a nightclub, bar and event organiser to give them the perfect poster that they know will survive our good old Northern Irish Summer, such as ones for Belsonic.

Another excellent feature about our waterproof posters, that often comes in very andy at events such as these, is the fact that they are tear resistant, meaning no matter how many people are crowding around, your posters are guaranteed to keep their look.


Another fantastic use for our waterproof posters can be at weddings, specifically those of the outdoor capacity! When it comes to weddings, our posters can be put to use in many different ways, such as acting as directional signage on how to get to a venue, telling patrons where to park and even maps of venues so that the patrons know where they are to go. By using a waterproof poster for one of these, it ensures that they won’t get ruined if it is unfortunate enough to rain on your special day

Retail and Promotional Usage:

A final excellent usage for our waterproof posters, is if you happen to work in the retail industry, but also another usage for clubs and bars, as they are great for outdoor promotional usage. Use them outside to promote offers that you might have on in your shop or maybe drinks offers in your bar, where they will be more than happy to stand in the wind and the rain, helping you to bring in the customers that you wanted.

We hope that with this article you have been given a better idea of just how our waterproof posters work, and also how they can work for you, to save you from disaster when we get the inevitable rain! But if you are in need of posters like this, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us by email via our contact form, and we can get you up and running with your very own waterproof posters.