Why is booklet printing so popular?

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In a world where virtually anything and everything is possible when it comes to presenting content online, why do tens of thousands of organisations still rely on booklets to get their message across to customers? What is it about booklet printing that keeps these organisations coming back for more, and why do they just not opt for the cheaper option of displaying all of their content on a website or web platform?

Printed Booklets Offer Great Value for Money

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Well for one, booklets are a relatively cost effective exercise. While it is perfectly possible to upload your content onto your website, ultimately you still need someone to drive people to actually see that content. And how do you go about doing that? By investing money in online advertising. So when we’re talking about getting a return on investment, it’s wise to look at your options from all angles before dismissing booklet printing as a more expensive option. 

And how about this for value, At Kaizen Print you can order 1000 high quality booklets from as little as £468.00!

People invest in printed booklets

It has been proven that more time is spent with printed marketing materials like printed booklets in comparison with online materials. Customers are more likely to invest their time and energy in reading a printed booklet than they are the same material displayed online. Online content is scanned and rarely read in great detail or depth, while printed booklets are read and reread much like a magazine, with more attention and engagement, ultimately giving your brand a better chance to win them over to your message, service or product. 

Got a lot to say? Not a problem!


When it comes to more detail, printed booklets really come into their own. At Kaizen Print you can print as many as 32 pages per booklet, giving you all the space you need to really go into detail when it comes to what you have to offer. While your website contains a lot of information, ultimately it is not intended to be read as a whole or cohesive piece of content or text. For this reason, when it comes to adding in the details about a product or service, a printed booklet can really go the extra mile. 

What sizes of booklets are available?

At Kaizen Print we offer you A4 booklet printing and A5 booklet printing options.

A4 Booklet Printing

Our A4 booklet options are fantastic if you have a lot to say, or if you feel like your product or service would be better suited to a larger format. If you have a lot of text that you’d like to include, or you want to include a large amount of text and large images to go alongside it, then an A4 booklet printing option might be best for your specific purposes. 

A5 Booklet Printing

On the other hand A5 booklets offer a more compact option. Without sacrificing on any of the quality that comes with an A4 booklet, by opting for an A5 booklet you can make your booklet a little more portable and easy for customers to keep a hold of or to store. With an A5 booklet you’ll get all the same advantages as an A4 booklet, but with a little less room for the extended pieces of text you might want to include. Your imagery and text will still look great and you’ll have that added incentive of the portability of your booklet. 

At Kaizen Print we offer the perfect mix of fantastic quality with exceptional value for money. Our stapled (saddle-stitched) booklets are printed on high quality silk paper and come with a great choice of different finishes, including matt and gloss lamination options. We have a variety of different options available to choose from online when it comes to your particular specifications, but we can also create bespoke booklets. If you have any specific requirements, therefore that are not covered on our site, you can get in touch with our customer services team to find out how we can help you. 

To find out more you can check out our booklet printing page here. For more information you can get in touch by calling 02890022474 or via email at [email protected]