Luxury Business Cards

Tips to making your luxury business card design perfect

Business cards remain a fantastic way to get your name out there. Even in today’s ultra-connected world there is little to compare with a tangible and permanent business card. Amidst the countless sales emails and Linkedin requests, there is little time for genuine connections with other human beings you’ve actually met. So amidst all of the noise, a luxury business card is a great way to cut through and actually get noticed.

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Where do luxury business cards come into this?

Providing that extra bit of quality when it comes to the production and design of your business cards can make all of the difference when it comes to that all important first impression. If you are representing a luxury brand in particular, providing printed marketing and sales materials is a great place to start, as print immediately holds connotations of something that is more valuable, glossy and permanent than other means of communication. 

With this in mind we’d thought we’d give you our top tips for getting your business card design just right. 

Plan ahead

You don’t want to go splashing out on your luxury business cards before you are absolutely sure that they will contain all of the details that you want them to. By thinking about all the reasons you might need a business card – whether it be for use at events, in day to day life, or to promote something particular about your business or organisation, you’ll want to make sure that you plan ahead and ensure that you are future proofing them for whatever purposes you might require them in the future. 

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Be selective

Due to the nature of a business card, there is always going to be limited space to work with when it comes to both the design and the information that you are going to want to include. So part of your planning should include being strict with what you decide should be included on your business card and what can realistically be left out.

Be Simple

As you’re investing in a business card that you’ll want to make a real impression with, it can be tempting to want your design to be all singing and all dancing in order to achieve this. Well when it comes to the most effective and impressive design simplicity is your best friend. A simple logo with dashes of elegance (maybe a gold trim) using a thick, high quality material, will ensure you really get the results you are looking for. 
It can be tempting to really go for something extravagant.

Go for a high quality material

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When it comes to luxury business cards the impact is first and foremost in the materials you choose and the quality of the print. While a great design will work wonders, ultimately if you opt for a cheaper option it isn’t going to have that real tangible luxury look and feel that you are after.

At Kaizen Print we know the difference a high quality business card can make to building a great first impression. So much so, that the option we use for our own business cards is also the option that we recommend to our customers. Our luxury business cards are printed on 400gsm silk card stock. These can be completed with a matt lamination that both looks great and adds that little bit extra durability to the design. Our design team can also help with the creation of your business card design and advice on design options that will really help you stand out from the crowd. 

For more information visit our Luxury Business Cards page or get in touch by calling calling 02890022474 or via email at [email protected]