Giant Presentation Cheques

Giant Presentation Cheques: What are they?

Giant Presentation Cheques are essentially novelty oversized cheques that are an extremely popular means of signifying that the sum of money being presented is worthy of media attention for whatever reason, whether that’s for charity, for business or as a gift to a competition winner.

You may recall feeling rather jealous of a national lottery or postcode lottery winner posing for pictures with their champaign and jumbo presentation cheque; you might have read a newspaper article with a local mayor handing an oversized cheque over to a local developer for some worthy project; or maybe giant presentation cheques remind you of pudsey the bear displaying all of the money raised for one of the many great causes they have sponsored over the years. 

Whatever it is you are bound to have come into contact with large presentation cheques at some point, whether you have been fortunate enough to receive one or not. 

So why do presentation cheques remain so popular?

As technology has moved on, so have the prizes we’ve seen gifted on television and in the news. We might not expect to see the pair of rollerskates, or the china tea set that was once commonplace on shows like Bullseye, but we still (in spite of the fact that cheques are now rarely used in day to day life) expect to see the novelty presentation cheques rolled out whenever there’s a gifted sum of money to celebrate.

Giant presentation cheques are highly visual, they quite literally fill up the screen. And that goes for whatever device you may be viewing the photograph on. Whether reading a news story or viewing a story online or on television, viewers don’t need any prior context (or even to know what cause the money is being gifted to) in order to understand the meaning behind this gesture. They just get it. 

And that’s why giant presentation cheques are also great for you. If you really want to get the message out there and get noticed about a sum of money that you are giving or gifting, then investing in giant presentation cheques is a great place to start. At Kaizen Print we design and print high quality large presentation cheques that really do the job when it comes to grabbing attention. Our cheques are available to different specs, re. size, colour and material, are customisable to include your own logo and printed message, and can be used for several different banks. 

What you need to know

How do I order a presentation cheque?

You can order one of our presentation cheques here on our website. When ordering, please bear in mind. If you’d like your logo placed on your cheque then please provide our customer service team with a high-resolution pdf or jpg of your logo after you have placed your order. We will normally send you a blank cheque for you to fill in the details with a marker pen. If you’d like us to print the information on your cheque however then please email your specifications to our customer service team. 

What different options do we provide? 

Available Sizes: Our presentation cheques come in two different sizes: 800x300mm & 1200x400mm.

Materials: We provide the option of either a 160gsm Matt Coated Paper or a Gloss Vinyl on 3mm Foamex with Glass Lamination

What banks do we provide cheques for? 

We provide giant presentation cheques for all of the following banks:

  • Barclays 
  • Halifax
  • HSBC
  • RBS 
  • Santander

To order visit our large presentation cheques page. For more information you can get in touch by calling 02890022474 or via email at [email protected]