Why Calendars are vital for any business

Over the past few years, I have noticed that calendars have become more of a novelty gift. The become really popular around Christmas, given as gifts which the recipients put up, and might make use of every now and again, but they aren’t used for everything, becoming more of a decoration than something which is actually put into use. I know I’ve been a culprit of this. And, if you’re reading this, you might be thinking the same thing. Maybe wondering why you need a physical calendar when everyone has a digital version within their phone. But I’m here to tell you that having a physical calendar could be one of the best things you do as a business owner. By the end of this article, you will have seen why, and hopefully be on your way to ordering hundreds!

It’s all about organisation

When running a business, one thing that is absolutely vital to its success is organisation. Without it nobody would know what they are doing, where they are supposed to be, meaning that nothing would get done. However one way to combat this, is through the use of a calendar, in particular Year Round Planners. At kaizenprint.co.uk, we print them either in A2 or A1 size, meaning that nobody will miss it, in and around the office, and this is exactly what you want. Due to their size, they are fantastic for keeping notes on, such as who has meetings when and where or perhaps who is off on holidays. Aside from this however, they are also great for external reminders, such as meetings coming in, deliveries arriving or deliveries outgoing, depending on what it is you do. When everyone is able to easily see this information, it makes for a much more fluid workplace experience and environment, as staff can work around it, picking up work where someone might be off, or helping out with client meetings. It ensures that everything within your business is kept running smooth, and productivity doesn’t drop.

Providing the right information

Here at kaizenprint.co.uk, while we have a range of different calendar types, they all allow you to put some important information on them. Obviously due to size, what you have on a year round planner won’t be the same as a Desktop calendar, but that doesn’t mean it is any less important. The information that can be put on these calendars is great for both internal office use and also external client use, if you have decided to send clients some branded calendars for the coming year. For example, on a desktop calendar you may choose to put a quick synopsis of your best selling products and their prices. This way, if a new staff member happens to be dealing with a client over the phone and they aren’t quite sure of all the prices or spec of products, they can quickly have a glane to the information on their desk and tell the customer, without having to keep them waiting. Alternatively however, as I mentioned previously, they are also great for giving external clients the information they need. You can choose to put an extended product list on the back of a year planner, along with prices and spec, etc, so clients can find it all quickly. Or, perhaps you are planning on sending them some desktop calendars, in which case you could choose to put the phone numbers of your staff members that they might be contacting, meaning again they have them quickly.

Hopefully by now you are in agreement with us that calendars can be one of the most important pieces of stationery that you have in and around the office, as well as being a great gift to send to clients. If you are thinking about doing this, why not let use help? Give us a call on 028 902 2474 or get us on our contact form to talk about your calendar options