Our Christmas Cards for Cats Protection

At the beginning of this year, the team here at kaizenprint.co.uk chose to make Cats Protection our charity for the year, specifically the Adoption Centre in Belfast and their Maternity Unit. Over the course of the year we have organised some events with which we have used to do some fundraising for them, and also have a few more organised for the coming months.

In regards to that, we will be designing and selling special Christmas Cards this year, with the proceeds from these sales going to Cats Protection, to help them raise money for their Maternity Ward. As well as this, we are going to give Cats Protection in Belfast some cards with which they can sell from the Adoption Centre, as well as being able to sell them on social media.

There will be 3 different types of cards available alongside our ordinarily available Christmas Cards from our website. We hope that, if you are purchasing and printing your Christmas Cards from us this year, that you will consider these for your cat loving friends, as they are there to help raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

Cats Protection themselves are a non-profit organisation, and also receive no funding from the government, meaning all the work they do is fueled 100% by volunteers, any fundraising that is and donations made by you, the public. It costs Cats Protection £1000 to care for each mum and a litter of kittens, with this including staff costs, food, heating, kitten milk and veterinary care, including vaccinations.

However despite this, Cats Protection have been doing great work for years, as in the last in the last 90 years they have re-homed 1.5 million cats and kittens. That’s some serious work for a non-government funded organisation. But they certainly can’t do it without your valuable help, and as such that’s why we are doing what we are doing. We want to see them increase this number much further, helping to give all stray and homeless cats a great home.

If you would like to purchase our special cards, you can find them on our website, here: https://kaizenprint.co.uk/christmas-cards/. We, and Cats Protection really appreciate all you generosity, and from all of us, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!