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The wedding is the ultimate celebration of a couple.  There isn’t a more momentous occasion than the coming together of two people to share their lives and love with their nearest and dearest.  For this reason, couples will agonise over every minute detail to ensure the perfect occasion.  There isn’t an element of the big day that isn’t laboured over, including the wedding stationery.

When it comes to the big day it really is up to the attendants to make it a memorable occasion.  However, one vital thing a couple does have power over is the wedding stationery.  It sets the tone for the proceedings and gives your guests all the information they need to know for the big day.  Therefore, ensure your wedding stationery not only informs, but excites your guests.  In addition, selecting your stationery should be an exciting process.  The team at Kaizen Weddings can help you make it a joyful experience.

Wedding Stationery Options

There’s no doubt that organising a wedding is a stressful experience.  Here at Kaizen Weddings, we have a dedicated team who are happy to help you with your full wedding stationery package.  From Save the Date Cards right through to the final Thank You Cars, we strive for this bit of planning to go as flawlessly as possible.  Let’s look at some of Kaizen Weddings’ options for your wedding stationery.

Save the Date Cards

Save the Date cards initialise the excitement for the big day.  These cards are not as formal as your invitations but they do give your guests notice so they can start working on their own plans.  We have a range of paper options, sizes and finishes to suit your needs and your budget.

Wedding Invitations

The countdown to the big day is officially on!  The wedding invitation is really the most important component of your wedding stationery.  All the relevant information for your guests is included.  In addition, the invitation sets the tone and style for the occasion.  In addition, you can have your invitation made to reflect your personalities.  Feel free to experience with shapes, sizes, styles, colours and paper stocks.

RSVP Cards

The RSVP card allows you to keep track of who is going to be attending your wedding.  Knowing final numbers is key to organising the perfect event.  Therefore, with returned RSVP Cards, you are able to work on ordering food and initialising table plans.  Our RSVP cards are available in a range of sizes and card stocks.  We can create the perfect RSVP card to beautifully compliment your wedding stationery.

Wedding Gift List Card

Looking for the perfect way to relay your gift wants and wishes to your guests?  The Wedding Gift List card is the perfect way to do just that.  They are a popular trend in modern wedding invitations.  In addition, they are useful to those unsure on what to get for the couple.  Therefore, ensure the design is elegant and respectful.

Order of Service Booklets

Order of Service booklets inform your guests on the day’s agenda.  Your guests can keep on top of the proceedings and reduce any confusion on what is happening.  They can be full booklets or simple timelines, whichever best suits the tone of your wedding.  However, it is up to you on what to include.  The team at kaizen Print is here to help you along the way.  Our booklets are printed on your choice of elegant silk or uncoated paper stocks.

Table Plans

Table plans are the most functional and can be one of the most memorable items of your wedding stationery.  They eliminate any seating confusion by letting your guests know where they are sitting.  Table plans are guaranteed to be viewed by each and every guest.  In addition, they can act as the welcome to your big event.  Therefore, make your guests feel special and excited with a bespoke design.  We have two options available to choose from.  First is the poster option, which is suitable for framing.  Second is a Mounted option, suitable for placement on an easel.

Table Name Cards

In the off chance some confusion remains with the dinner sitting, Table Name Cards eliminates it.  In addition to being functional, these cards can be injected with personality.  You can continue the theme set out with your wedding stationery or go with something completely different.  Our Table cards are printed on a range of card stocks.  In addition, they ensure visibility with double sided print.

Event Menu Printing

The wedding menu is one of the most exciting elements of your wedding stationery.  Your guests have watched you exchange your vows.  Now they want to eat!  The menu informs your guests on the food courses that are to come over the course of the evening.   A lot of planning has gone into the details of what your guests will be eating.  Therefore, allow your menu to reflect that effort.  In addition to impressing your guests with great food, dazzle them with striking menu printing.

Thank You Cards

Reflect upon your big day and the guests that shared it with a Thank You card.  Make the card perfect to express your thanks to each and every guest who shared in your moment.  You can continue the theme of your wedding stationery and can choose from a range of cards stocks.  However, you can also use the Thank You card to showcase a beautiful wedding photograph.  Therefore, the choice is yours, so make it the perfect finale for your big event.

Get Your Wedding Stationery at Kaizen Weddings

Wedding planning is stressful and can be zero fun.  You pain over every minute detail to ensure perfection.  In addition, you want your wedding to be memorable for you and your guests, for the right reasons.  However, all elements of your wedding planning don’t’ need to be stressful.  Let Kaizen Weddings assist you in designing and printing the perfect wedding stationery.  Excite your guests with beautiful wedding stationery.  We have been working with couples all across Northern Ireland for years.  In addition, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to the needs of each and every couple.  Our talented team of designers can create and print something personal and perfect for you, no matter your style or budget.

Therefore, alleviate some of the stress of your wedding planning.  If you plan on getting married, get in touch with our team to discuss your wedding stationery by emailing us via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.