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Roller Banners - Kaizen print Display Product Options

The verb display means to put something in a prominent place in order that it may readily be seen.  For businesses, displaying their product, service or brand is a matter of survival.  Businesses don’t thrive by being obscure and ignored by the public.  Sure there are some companies who exist on a word of mouth system, but these are far and few between.  Display products are one of the most popular ways a business can present themselves and their product or service.  They come in various forms but they all aim to get your business and product noticed.  Therefore, it is prudent to do the research and pick the display product(s) that will be most beneficial for your business.

Display Products at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print specialise in printing a wide range of display products for businesses of all sizes.  We offer one of the largest catalogues of display products across the UK and Ireland.  Let’s look at some of the options to communicate with and visually engage customers.

Roll-Up Banners

Roll-up banners or roller banners are the perfect product for exhibitions and trade shows.  These banners generally are of a comparatively larger size.  Therefore, they easily grab attention of people in the room, near and far.

We have a range of banners to suit almost every need and budget.  Our 850mm wide banner comes with a double sided option.  In addition, we have the extra wide 1500mm banner if your business is looking to make a huge impact.

There are many benefits to choosing our roller banners.  They are highly durable, offering high-tear resistance.  Therefore, they do not damage easily.  Roller banners are easy to transport.  In addition to rolling down into a compact size, they are lightweight.  Above all, roller banners deliver your message loud and clear.  Ensure your banner design is a clear, concise and proudly displays your company logo.

Fabric Media Walls

Fabric media walls are commonly replacing the traditional curved exhibition stands.  These media walls are a much more portable unit.  They are lighter due to an aluminium frame and cloth graphic produced in one section.  Therefore, there are no inconvenient and unsightly joints affecting the image.

Our fabric media walls come in a compact wheelie carrier bag.  In other words, transporting these walls is easy and straight forward.  They can be installed and taken down in a matter of minutes by one person.

As standard, our media walls are printed on a 210gsm Display Polyester.  The graphic is stretched across the pop-up framework and secured using Velcro.  Therefore, make a big impression.  Make it often and make it effortlessly.

Display Product - Feather Flag

Feather Flags

Feather Flags are also referred to as Teardrop banners.  They are an amazing marketing tool suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  If you are looking to draw in some traffic to your grand opening, sales event or any other event, these banners are perfect and won’t break your budget.

These flags are available in a range of sizes and bases to suit virtually any need.  In addition, they can be printed single or double sided.

Counter Displays

You’ve drawn the traffic into your business.  Now draw their attention to a new product, special feature or any other campaign with an effective counter display.  Make sure your counter or table space is utilised to its full potential.  These spaces likely see the most traffic in your business.  Therefore, capitalise on the potential to convert.

We have a range of counter displays to suit any business or organisation.  Table Tent cards are perfect for the hospitality industry, offering visibility to whatever you choose to patrons when they sit down.  Strut cards are free standing and durable.  They are effective in any environment and their placement in a Foamex board ensures they will last.  In addition, we offer the QR Code/NFC Menu Discs.  They are perfect for hands-free menu viewing.  However, you can get creative and call attention to special product information or offers with this relatively new technology.

Shelf Edge Strips

Shelf Edge strips can make all the difference in engaging customers in retail shops.  Shop shelves can blur into one big cloudy mess for some customers.  Shelf strips can make the shopping experience an easier and more interesting one.

Our shelf strips need no lamination as they are printed on a rip-proof 300mic Polypropylene banner material.  In addition, they are printed in full colour for full impact.

Branded Sampling Counter

Our Branded Sampling counters are perfect for exhibitions, trade show counters or in-store sampling.  They are manufactured with high-quality lightweight plastic.  Therefore, they are perfect for quick and easy installation by one person.  In addition, they are weatherproof so you can take your brand samples outside!

Get In Touch for High-Quality Display Products

There’s no denying the importance of display products in getting your brand noticed.  In fact, they are essential, especially if you are a new business looking to get your name in the customer mind-set.  At Kaizen Print we have a wide range of display products to suit your business, no matter the size or location you need to display.

With over ten years of experience in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland, we are proud to stand behind our products and ensure customer satisfaction each and every time.  In addition, if you require a bespoke design that you didn’t see listed here, we have a team more than ready to help.

To discuss any of our display products or your own ideas, get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.