Compliment Slips – Tips and Benefits

Compliment slips are used by businesses as a means of improving relationships with customers and clients.  They provide a means for more personal, informal communication.  Simply put, they are a printed document, similar to a letterhead, only smaller in most cases.  The compliment slip is an essential component of any business stationery portfolio.  Let’s look at some of the uses and benefits to adding this piece of paper to your business communications.

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Why a Compliment Slip?

While a compliment slip may seem merely like a piece of paper, they carry so much weight.  Included on these slips are usually the company logo, contact information and the business address.  In most cases this information is accompanied with a pre-printed salutation.  “With compliments”, “with our compliments” or “with my compliments” are a few examples.  In addition, there is space to include a personal handwritten note.

Do not underestimate the power of the handwritten note on a compliment slip!  The personal touch will resonate with your clients and customers.  Don’t relegate your customers to being an anonymous account number.  A personalised slip will have a lasting impact on your customer.  Therefore, it is important to ensure your compliment slip is a worthy representation of your business.

Make no mistake, the compliment slip is no substitute of the letterhead.  It shouldn’t be used for any formal business communication.  Formal letters and instructional communications should always be done on the more formal letterhead.  In addition, they should be typed out.

The compliment slip will generally accompany a gift or materials requested by your customer or client.  For example, when a customer requests a brochure or business pricing list.  Include a compliment slip with a small note to let the customer feel appreciated.  The likelihood of the customer converting into a sale increases with the personal touch.  In addition, the slip can be sent out as part of a thank you note. They usually accompany a gift for doing business or for being memorable.

What All Compliment Slips Should Include

Here are some tips to consider when thinking through the design of your slip.

Company Branding

Ensure your compliment slips are branded.  Feature all the relevant contact information.  Make sure your recipient can take note of your business for any future transactions.

Whatever design or content you include on your printed compliment slips should accurately reflect your brand.  In addition, your compliment slip design should include an element unique to your business or brand.  In other words, there should be no ambiguity who this is from.  Go for instant recognition.

A Simple Design

There is very limited space with your compliment slip design.  Therefore, make the most effective use of it.  Here is not the place to overshadow with images or any other content. In other words, don’t include content not truly reflective of your business.  However, keep it simple and to the point.  Make your wording short, concise and meaningful.

Quality Print Material

All of your communications should be a reflection of your business.  Therefore, ensure you use quality materials.  Using quality paper will make your slip more tactile and stand out.  In addition, quality stationery will suggest quality in other aspects of your business.

Present Easy to Read Information

Your compliment slip design should have an impact.  It conveys your business’ most important information.  Therefore, ensure that it is easy and pleasant to read.  Use appealing and easy to read fonts and incorporate colour that is easy on the eyes.

Kaizen Print Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are traditionally DL size.  However, there are no constraints in determining your desired slip size.  You may feel larger will be more useful to you or will make more of an impact.  Therefore, have them printed in A5 or A6 size.

Our compliment slips are printed on beautiful 120gsm uncoated paper stock.  This is the same stock we use for our letterheads.  Therefore, they are just right for making a positive impression on your customers.  They can be printed single sided or double sided and in full colour for the wow factor.  In addition, our litho printed slips are Laser guaranteed to ensure they run through your own printer.

Let Kaizen Print complete your business stationery portfolio with full colour printed compliment slips.  Avoid sending out a negative reflection of your business with cheap compliment slips.  You should ensure your business is represented in the best light at all times.  Space for handwritten notes is not compulsory.  However, the personal touch will have an even greater impact and compliment your beautiful stationery.

Get In Touch

At Kaizen Print we have printed compliment slips for businesses and organisations in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  Let us compliment your business stationery with our slips.  If you would like to discuss your compliment slip printing, please get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.