Wedding Menus

Wedding menus are often a last minute thought for many of our clients, as initially they feel that they may not need them or that a venue supplies nicely designed and printed menus – however upon a final walk through or chat with venue, a lot of brides and grooms to be then decide to either take the step to get some printed or else personalised to be a bit more in keeping with their wedding colour scheme and/or theme.

So what options do you have with wedding menus? The content for menus will list all your courses and any wines and beverages being provided, and will often incorporate a colour scheme or font whichh carries on from any other stationery items printed on or before the day, such as place cards, table names and number cards and your table plan. This keeps everything consistent for you and just adds that extra touch to the table settings.

In terms of size and paper style for your menus, there’s really no standard size and style, as this is very dependent on your table set up and sometimes people decide to go a little different paper wise on the menu for it to stand out. Some popular menu sizes however would be a long third A4 size and sometimes even an A5 or an A6. A lot of people want the menus sometimes to fit in somewhere or in a napkin setting. In terms of card, we’ve had a lot of clients recently going for a simple black font on kraft card for their menus for the time of year and on the other side of the spectrum, if your design and feel is simple, modern and elegant, a 350gsm silk gives a beautiful sheen of the menus.

So what’s our advice? We know there are a lot of weddings over the Christmas break this year, and we’d advise you allow plenty of time for your wedding day items, as many design and print studios close over the holidays,  so ask your venue and think to yourself about items such as menus well ahead of the day itself so save you any stress or hassle. The same goes even if your wedding is not during a holiday period, save the panicked order and get ahead of the game! You’ll appreciate it in the long run.

If your wedding day is fast approaching or if you are still thinking about items for the big day and need a bit of help with both design and print, just give us a call or email! The best way to contact us is [email protected] or 028 90022474 and one of our Kaizen Weddings team will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry. We also welcome any walk in consultations or can arrange phone or email consultations in advance.