5 reasons you need a roller banner

Originally posted on our Kaizen Print blog, we’re beginning the process of transferring the information across to the Inspire & Support site. In the coming months, you’ll see some of our most useful content re-posted here. Today we wanted to share our 5 reasons you need a roller banner.

In a crowded marketplace, differentiating yourself from your competition will reap great rewards. Whether that’s on price, service or indeed quality. Being different and being better is always recommended. We choose to be better value and while value doesn’t always necessarily translate into the cheapest roller banner printing online. We are confident that for the money spent on our products, they translate to the best value for money possible. 

As our dad says, “buy cheapbuy twice”

There are companies online that sell cheap roller banners. That’s not us. Our banners are great value, but we’d never call them cheap. Not only are the made up of the highest quality components, the print quality and finish is second to none. This focus on quality is why we’re confident that our roller banners will not only stand the test of time, but will always look great also.

Consider your own products and services. Would you rather be known for quality at the appropriate price point or for the lowest value product in the marketplace? What if a competitor comes in at a lower price? What does this do for your business? Where can your sales strategy go when the only USP is that you had the lowest price at that particular time.

You may not be convinced you actually need a roll up banner for your business. Trust me you do. Here are our 5 reasons you need a roller banner.

1) Size matters

Roller Banners command great marketing space without taking up a huge amount of room. At 2 metres tall, 1 metre wide and yet only requiring the smallest of footprints these roll up banners present great visibility both up close and from afar. We print roller banners in high definition (300dpi) as so the smallest of text is visible up close. As marketers ourselves we suggest the less is more approach to designing your roller banner. Focus on 3 key areas on information. These are usually: Branding, sales message and contact details. A roller banner is not meant to be a sales tool but more a marketing reference. Who we are, what we do and how to contact us.

2) Fast turnaround

At kaizenprint.co.uk all our roller banners are printed and finished in-house by our highly trained team of print specialists. By controlling our production process from start to finish we have full control over quality and of course speed of production. We offer industry leading, lightning fast leads time. More often than not, our roller banners are printed and delivered before our competition have sent quotes out. This speed of service ensures we can meet almost any deadline, even same day orders.

3) Replacement roller banner graphics

Not all roller banners are created equal. Our own roller banners are designed in such a way that whenever your campaign is completed, we can repurpose the banner once for a brand new project. We remove the original graphic, recycle it and replace with a new graphic of your choosing. This process is called “Reskinning” and is uncommon in the marketplace except for a few suppliers. We have perfected this process over many years and our reskinned banners are of no less quality than our premium roller banners. This process can be utilised once on our current banner systems.

4) Light and easy to use

Traditionally roller banners were heavy beasts weighing over 5kg. We scoured the planet for a more compact yet sturdier system and since finding our current roller banner cassette have used this exclusively for many years. These compact cassettes weigh in at just over 2kg.

Considerably lighter than many of the units available on the market, these banner systems are easy to carry and transport to events and exhibitions. A single person can install our banners in less than 30 seconds with our no fuss, no hassle poles and mechanisms.

5) High quality, everytime

Cheap roller banner suppliers print their banners on a paper and then laminate this. Prone to ripping, colour fading and just general poor quality printing, these systems should be avoided at all costs. Our paper and vinyl suppliers have developed an extremely high end polypropylene vinyl that is not only tear and water resistant but stays flat when on a roller banner. This purpose made roller banner film prints in high quality and with superb colour replication. Using our 8 colour ink systems, the prints are UV and fade resistant. Perfect for medium to long term use.

The choice of ordering a roller banners is ultimately yours, but as a business to give you all the information to make the best decision possible. We stand over the quality of our roller banners, as each individual element has been throughly tested and used, not only by us by by thousands of customers all across the UK and Ireland. To order your roller banner, visit our roller banner page and select the roller banner suitable for your needs.