Good Bye Ed-209. Hello Ed-309

Today we retired Ed-209 the first large format printer had ever purchased way back in 2009. Ed was at one point solely responsible for the majority of A2, A1 and A0 dayglo posters you saw all across Belfast a few years back. But Ed wasn’t solely a cheap poster printer, he also had depth of quality and could print the highest quality art prints in an affordable manner. Connor was reluctant to see Ed on his way, but the good people in the Belfast City Council commercial waste team came and whisked him off to be recycled.

Meet the new and improved Ed-309

As our business has grown over the past few years, we needed to upgrade technology where this would speed up our service and also provide higher accuracy colour replication. This was fine when we solely printed large format posters on a single machine, but when working across multiple print types including: digital printing, litho printing and large format printing, colours may vary and so we need to reduce the variance by employing new technology that “matches” colours as best as possible. Our new HP Z6100 does just that and so much more.

What large format printing does Ed-309 produce?

Primarily the Z6100 is a poster printer. In fact 99.9% of all print we put through this machine is poster based. It has the capacity to print roller banners, canvases and much more, but as we have dedicated machines for each those products, the Z6100 will focus on large format poster printing.

What can you expect from our new poster printing machine?

We bought the printer to maintain our speed of service and quality of print. As we grow our business and gain new customers, our biggest goal is keeping our turnaround times as short as possible. With the purchase of Ed-309 we have more flexibility in print speed and as digital printing technology has advanced massively in the past 5 years, we are again at the edge of the technology curve, giving us efficiencies in all areas of our print department.

Below are a selection of prints that are HOT OFF THE PRESS and are already placed in cafes, bars, restaurants and businesses all across the Greater Belfast area. As you can see the colour replication, vibrancy and detail are second to none.

As a relatively young business, we’re constantly investing in the latest printing equipment and striving to ensure we continue to provide not only the highest quality prints, but also industry leading turnaround times. This purchase is one of many we have planned over the coming 12 months. Just recently we also upgraded our guillotine to accommodate much larger print quantities. We’re very excited of what the future will bring for and are determined to be as competitive as possible.