Using Foil Blocking on Business Cards

Business Cards | Kaizen Print

Business cards are often your first contact with a potential customer, so they should represent the image of your company you most want to convey.

Because a business card is your first line of marketing when it comes to advertising, you should spend extra time ensuring your cards pack as much punch as possible.

Stop and ask yourself, “What makes a good business card?” Before you move forward with making or purchasing hundreds or these perfect marketing tools.

At a minimum, your business card should be:

  • Functional
  • Informative
  • Memorable

But well-designed business cards can deliver even more impact without taking a big bite from your marketing budget. The trick is to design a business card that takes your company from good to great — without overdoing it.

One of the best ways to make you business cards stand out, is to use Foil Blocking on it. 

Foiled Business Cards are the way to go when first impressions matter. Your business card is often the first branded item you hand over to your prospective clients, so it goes without saying that it has to be the right quality!

Foil blocking  adds a touch of class instantly to all business cards. The way the fold stamp catches the light creates a wow factor. 

So what is foil blocking?

Foil blocking is a traditional process and is basically metal foil, at Kaizen Print, we offer four colours of Foil Blocking, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Copper, which is used to create shiny metal foil effects on the product.  The process of foil blocking is that a block is made from your design and then the metallic or coloured foil is then impressed onto the paper or board, this is always done after the printing element of the job but always before the finishing.

It produces a flat image and is mainly used as a special effect to enhance the overall look and quality of a print job as it adds a very professional effect to any of your business stationery; foiled logos are often incorporated into many corporate identities.

Digital Foil Printing Process

Traditionally the process of foil printing would have been the stamping of a hot foil on top of your chosen design. However the set up associated with the hot foil stamping runs into hundreds of pounds per foiling position. To make the process much more cost effective while retaining the quality of foil blocking we have purchased a state of the art, digital hot foiling machine. With this new foiling printer foiling your wedding stationery must follow a new process of finishing. 

  1. Full colour printing to 1 or both sides
  2. Over lamination with Soft Touch lamination on the sides that require foiling
  3. Reprinting the foil area on top of the Soft Touch lamination
  4. Digital Hot Foiling – The area printed on the Soft Touch lamination attracts the foiling and this provides your foiled areas.