Types of Hospitality Print Marketing

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Hospitality printing services are essential factors in restaurant and hotel marketing. Not only do they advertise your business, but they also provide your guests with printed materials that represent your brand. Below is a list of the main types of hospitality printing services and their uses.


Virtually every restaurant has hospitality printing services that advertise its brand and give the restaurant itself a distinct ambiance. While printing services may seem like a subtle marketing strategy, if done poorly, the restaurant’s brand won’t be represented well. Below are some of the major restaurant printing services that will help create a distinct brand for your establishment.


One of the most notable restaurant printing services is menus. Every restaurant needs them. However, it isn’t as simple as writing up and printing a menu. You have to design it, choose fonts, and determine what kind of paper you want to use.

In addition to your main menu, you may want to create takeout menus and table tents. Table tents showcase featured items on your menu, advertise seasonal dishes, and promote any discounts or deals you have at the time. Overall, these restaurant printing services help create a brand for your restaurant and advertise your food.

If you are already an established restaurant, it may be advantageous to make changes to your menu. You can add or take away items and even create a new design that better represents your brand.

Business Cards

Restaurant business cards don’t just advertise your business. They provide a number to make a reservation, the location so customers can easily get there, and more, depending on the design of your card.

There are many creative ways to design your restaurant business card. For example, you could make it a loyalty card. Not only does it encourage customers to return, but it also encourages them to keep your business card with them. Similarly, doubling the card as a coupon is a great way to get new customers.

On the other hand, you could put a map on the back of the card, showing customers how to get there. To advertise your best dishes, put a mini menu on it. The possibilities are endless!

To attract new customers, consider placing the restaurant business cards in the doors of local neighborhoods or handing them out in public areas.


Below are some print marketing options for hotels to ensure your guests enjoy a hotel stay and remember it long after, as well.

Business Cards

For most companies, hospitality business cards are placed at the front desk. Hotel business cards, for example, are an excellent form of hospitality marketing.  Guests can take them at their leisure, and the cards will leave subtle, positive impressions on them.

It’s important, however, to create attractive cards that people will want to take. For example, some necessary design decisions involve choosing between glossy and matte business cards, fonts, and overall layout.

To increase the number of business cards people will take, consider making the card into a QR Code or voucher. Creating a unique business card will encourage guests to not only take a hotel business card but also to keep it for a long time.

Hotel Stationery

Stationery includes pens, pencils, envelopes, notepads, and paper with printed letterhead. While some hotels have stopped using it, business stationery is still common in many luxury hotels.

In the end, hotel stationery is a great hospitality marketing tool. First, it creates a level of exposure for your brand. When guests use the stationery or send letters to family or friends, it advertises your hotel. Second, it adds a level of high-end professionalism. When you provide hotel guests with complimentary services and tools, they are left with a better impression of your business.

Hotel Collateral

Hotel collateral can include printed items such as menus, water bottle tags, package ID labels, lost and found tags, and more. Collateral can set a distinctive brand for your hotel. Virtually every hotel room has some collateral in each room, but not every guest will use it. Therefore, printing collateral on an as-needed basis is an excellent option for hotel services.

Hotel Comment Cards

Feedback cards are a great way to address guest concerns or complaints. When problems are solved, guests are more likely to return even if their experience was less than satisfactory.

The point? Hotel comment cards are a motivator of guest satisfaction! In the same way, guests who provide positive feedback are more likely to tell others about their experiences.

So, in the end, hotel comment cards are strategic marketing tools.


Hotels that provide in-room meal service typically supply each room with a menu. Additionally, if you have a restaurant in your hotel, consider placing a take out menu for the hotel restaurant in the room. This way, you can advertise other aspects of your hotel.

In the end, you must choose the right paper, font, and overall layout of your menus. This way, you can successfully advertise your room service and food.

Local Guides

Many hotels provide guests with guest guides. These guides can highlight local restaurants, attractions, or events.

Not only can guides help guests engage with the local area, but it also showcases all the exciting things happening near your hotel. This can entice guests to return to your hotel to experience more of the exciting attractions in the area.

Graphic Design

All of these products will need graphic design services. It’s important to know what you must include in the graphic design for your hotel prints. The typography, color, and layout should all carefully represent your brand and appear attractive. The more eye-catching a printed product is, the more likely a guest will use it.