Benefits & Design Tips for Printed Notepads

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Personalised notepads are an effective way to keep your brand top of mind with customers and prospects. Printing custom notepads for your business is a flexible branding solution that is effective for both end consumers and business to business promotions.  Printed notepads can help remind consumers and clients about your services and products as they are constantly being reminded every time they use the notepad.  Your brand slowly but surely becomes ingrained in the person’s mind long after the notepad has run its course of use. It acts as a quick reference for your company’s website address and phone number. 

Here are some of the top benefits of investing in personalised notepads for your business.

4 Business Benefits Of Printing Personalised Notepads

1. Cost-effective

Personalised notepads have to be one of the most affordable marketing products out there with the added bonus of giving your business repeat exposure day after day. If you really want to maximise your return on investment, then it’s worth trying to print as many branded notepads as you can distribute in the one run. There are definitely savings to be gained from printing in volume.

2. Customised

Notepad printing doesn’t just offer your business value for money when it comes to your marketing collateral. An added bonus is that they can be tailored to your precise design requirements. You can customise a notepad with your logo and contact details, choose to include blank or lined pages or even include the most creative design ideas. It’s just a matter of deciding exactly what works best for your business.

3. Well-received

People love receiving gifts to show that you value their business especially ones that are useful.  The great thing about notepads is that everyone loves them and they whether people take them home or keep them in their workplace, they are useful to have. A personalised notepad is a marketing tool that is going to make a good impression with customers, suppliers and prospects.

4. Ongoing Exposure

One of the biggest benefits of personalised notepads has to be that you get ongoing exposure with your target audience. In fact, each time someone writes a note or message on your personalised notepad it’s your brand that will become top of mind. Personalised notepads are perfect for putting your branding, products and services in front of customers and prospects all year.

Design Tips for Your Printed Notepads

Size Matters

The size of your Notepad Printing is an important consideration.  Notepads can be printed in just about any size, but not all sizes are helpful or beneficial.  A larger notepad printing order of A4 is great for taking plenty of notes, but not always useful to everyone.  It may be too bulky to keep handy, or the user may just think the size is too much waste for simple notes.  A5 & A6 is a great size for telephone notes and simple uses.  With this in mind, consider carefully how big or small you want your notepad order.

Avoid Too Much Design

Notepads are meant to be used as a tool, not to be artwork.  Avoid designing Notepad Printing jobs that are too “busy” and leave no place on the paper for actually taking notes or writing ideas.  Include your business name and logo at the top or side, and perhaps include a design element, photo, or graphic around the sides or top as well.  However, don’t include too many graphics or photos that take up too much real estate on the page. You might consider your logo as a lightly printed watermark on the page.  This is a great way to display your company name and logo without being too distracting on the page.

Use Full Color

Make your Notepad Printing order in full color if you can afford it.  Color adds spice and an eye-catching element that makes your notepad stand out and want to be used.  Definitely consider full color if you use graphics or photos.