Top Tips When Designing Presentation Folders

Here at Kaizen we love presentation folders. Love them. Really. We hate to think of all the time and effort that clients have put into creating fantastic presentations, only for them to just be printed and thrown in a big and by the time you have arrived at the meeting, they are a mess. There really isn’t anything worse, and we know when it happens too.

That’s why we think presentation folders are great. They allow you to keep your presentation in great condition, while also giving it that extra bit of credibility and professionalism. What makes the folders though, is the design that goes into them. Any one can put a presentation in a standard folder, however when yours stands out, it’s noticeable. And what do we love just as much as presentation folders? Great design. So let us help you have the same, by giving you some tips as to how you can best design your presentation folders.

Keep it simple 

 As with any design project, simple is often the best way to go. Nobody likes to be given something that hurts their eyes as soon as they look at it, because there is far too much going on. So when designing your presentation folders, think about this. Think about your business name or logo and work from their. For example, what colours work? If there are many, don’t put them all on there. Pick a few that you like, and work with each other and go from there. This way, your folder is both colourful and pleasing to look at, meaning clients and customers can look at exactly what you want them to; Your company name and logo.

Laminated or not laminated

 Here at Kaizen, we offer 3 choices of lamination for presentation folders: Unlaminated, Matt laminated and Gloss Laminated. The choice is yours as to what you would like, however it might be a good idea to think about what type of environment you are going to be in. For example, if you are going to be outdoors when giving your presentation, you might want to consider Matt Lamination, meaning it will protect your folder from the elements. Or perhaps you are looking for that extra bit if shine, to give the folder that extra punch? Then why not choose our Gloss laminated option? Whatever option you decide to go for, rest assured that it will be only the highest quality when you choose Kaizen.

Templates, Templates and Templates

 Before setting about designing your presentation folder, think about what is actually going to go into it. How big or small is your presentation? What shape is it? Here at Kaizen, we have pre-designed templates to suit your needs, meaning you will never be stuck. There is nothing worse than having a great presentation and it either not fitting in your folder, or perhaps it’s too small, meaning it doesn’t sit right. To clients and customers this just looks unprofessional and will immediately undo any good work you may have done on the initial first impression.

Top design can go a long way in helping you make a great first impression in that all important meeting. So if you need to make that, while not give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or send us an email on our contact page and we can help you on your way to getting the best presentation folder around.

Alternatively, if you need help designing your folder, give one of our great design team a call on 028 9002 2474 or send them an email on our contact page.