The Royal Wedding – Wedding Invites

It came and we saw it, The Wedding of the Year. The Royal Wedding was on Saturday 19th of May and the build was non-stop for weeks beforehand. And here at Kaizen Weddings, while we were fawning over the usual such as the dress, the suits and the setting, we couldn’t help but think about the all important wedding stationery, after all it is what we do best! One of the most important pieces of this, is certainly the wedding invitations. Even though we certainly heard all of the rumours of who might be attending, none of those people would be going without an official invite.

An invite for a Royal Wedding needs to look the part. It is going to set the scene for those attending, but it also has to hold up the high standard of how the Royal Family conduct themselves. They are the most famous family in the UK, and as such need to set that standard for the wedding of the year. As much as weddings throughout 2018 have started to buck the trend from tradition, with different themes, different decor and different dresses, this is something that the Royal Wedding almost couldn’t afford to do. In fact, a quick Google search will let you know of the strict dress code on the day. With this in mind, here at Kaizen Weddings, we know that for the rest of the year and possibly a few years beyond, couples all across Ireland will want to take inspiration from the Royal Wedding for their own big day. And even though at the time of writing we  now know the look of this years Royal Wedding invitations, our crack team put their heads together beforehand and gathered some ideas, based on what we know, and hope that we can provide inspiration for you, in your own Royal Wedding. So read on to see what we thought!

Elegance in Stock

One thing that I think everybody is agreed on, is that the invitations are going to be elegant. This will almost take us back to the traditional wedding settings we’ve all seen; the big white wedding, with the traditional church ceremony and luxurious setting for the reception. With this in mind, we know that these invitations will represent this to the absolute finest point. They will be done using only the finest card, possibly with a silk, gloss or pearlized finish. As well as this, in terms of colour, we are all in agreement here that they will more than likely be the traditional white or ivory. This colour is great for traditional wedding invitations, as there are a lot of colours that can be used along with it, to give it that little bit of flair, while keeping the clean and elegant look you were looking for.

Design, Design, Design

Even the Royal Family have to go through the same process of picking their wedding stationery, so after they have decided upon which card stock they want, the next job is deciding the design of the wedding invitations. However, as it is a Royal Wedding, we have a fairly good idea here at Kaizen Weddings of how these invitations could look. I think we can all picture it as well; the flowing design around the top and/or bottom of the card, or specifically stuck to the edges. It won’t be too much as that would take away from the look, but just enough to give it a gorgeous look and also make sure anybody who happens to be looking at it, will know that the couple getting married of are importance. The colour for this type of design often comes in a few distinct colours, such as gold, silver or copper. But these colours never fail, as they really set of that elegant look and almost give it a fairytale look, which is exactly what they might be looking for.

To finish off the design of these invitations, or any wedding invitation for that matter, everybody needs the perfect font, and the Royal Wedding is absolutely no different. However in keeping with what we think the current design may very well be, there is only one style of font which would complement this to its full potential; a script font. These fonts are great for anything that needs to have a touch of elegance added to it, no matter what it is. As well as this however, we certainly think that whatever happens to be written on these invitations, it will be written purely by hand, with only the best handwriting they can find having the honours.

Hopefully we have also been able to provide you with some inspiration for your own wedding with what has been written here today. In regards to this, if you are in need of some wedding stationery, why not give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us on our website via our contact form, as our dedicated wedding team are more than happy to help you kick start the preparations for your dream wedding.