Tips For Designing Letterheads

When working in a business environment and the need to contact clients is there, it is safe to assume that you are going to have the need for letterheads at some point. Even if you don’t send many letters to your clients, they are always good to have, as you can quickly write down notes or important info from meetings to give to them, all the while maintaining your brand presence.

In this regard, it is important that they look good when you do decide to use them. There isn’t much point in having them, when no-one can read what it is they say or has no room to write on them. Within this article, we are going to share some tips for designing letterheads, making sure they are promoting your brand at full capacity.

Put the branding in the right place:

Despite most of the time a letterhead only consisting of an A4 page, it is still important to put everything in the right place. The most common way that this is done, is by putting all branding and information along the top of the letterhead, for example your company logo in the top left, while address and numbers etc go in the top right corner of it. This can be added to by utilising the bottom space of the letterhead, perhaps having another small amount of branding, such as a bit of colour just to bring everything together.

Give ample space for writing:

There is nothing worse than receiving something that you are due to write on, only for there to be no space. The same thing goes for letterheads. They are there to be written on, and the last thing anybody wants it too much branding taking up most of the available space, meaning it’s very in their face, and also making it awkward for them to write on.

Make sure everything is in line:

Something else to keep in mind, especially at the beginning of the design for your letterheads, is to make sure that everything you are placing on that page is all in line. The best way to ensure that this happens, is to use bleed, rulers and grids when you are designing your letterheads, as that way you will know everything is where it should be. This will save from any embarrassment when they are presented, because the branding and information ws too squashed together or perhaps looked off centre, which can all become all too noticeable very quickly, and in turn looks unprofessional.

Use standard white paper:

This one might seem a little obvious, however it is still a good idea to make sure that it is done. There might be the temptation to try and stand out from what everyone else is doing by deciding to use a different colour of paper. However it is definitely better to stick to what works, as trying to be too different can sometimes backfire quickly. For example if sent as a letter, it may make what is on it hard to read for the recipient, and in turn create an awkward situation where they need to contact you again to find out.

Letterheads are an important part of office stationery and one that when done right can look both simple and elegant at the same time. In this regard, here at Kaizen Print we can also help with design through our studio. Feel free to contact us either by phone on 029 9507 2007 or via email on our contact form.

As well as this however, if you happen to have your design ready for your letterheads and are just looking for someone to print them, then we here at Kaizen Print would be more than happy to help. Just give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us by email via our contact form to begin discussing how we can help you.