When to use presentation folders

It can be a little bit daunting when giving a presentation or proposal, how to ensure people are engaged and listening, that all the information is being received and your doing well. A presentation folder can be a great aid to a presentation it creates the impression your very organised and confident in the area you are discussing. This is a helpful guide of when and how to use a presentation folder to the best of your advantage.   Here at Kaizen the lowest amount of presentation folders we print at one time is 250, so it’s important to recognise that presentation folders most useful when you are addressing a lot of people, either all at once, or in batches. There’s no point blowing your budget on a large amount of presentation folders when really you don’t need them. If your addressing smaller amounts of people then something like a brochure might do. However if your a regular guest speaker and travel a lot talking to a wide range of people then a presentation folder is a useful tool to have at your disposal. It provides further information on what your presentation is about without you having to even say so, it allows people to have detailed information in front of them to read through whilst you are speaking, making your presentation seem well rehearsed and more factual, making people more likely to be swayed by what you have to say.  Presentation folders also open up the possibility for clients or connections to take your folder home, allowing them to mull over the topics you have just discussed.   A presentation folder may also work well as an itinerary at large events with lots of people over a couple of days, it allows you to map out exactly what’s going on and when, becoming a very useful and informative tool. In circumstances like at a business conference that lasts the weekend for example, it may also be a great idea to leave a small gift or even your business card inside one of the specially designed pockets inside your presentation folder. Potential clients and connections will appreciate the added effort and sentiment, creating a lasting impression in their mind helping them come to the decision to come to you instead of any competitor.   Perhaps your using presentation folders for internal purposes, you have an idea which you think could propel your business into the next level or you have a product that you are confident in and trying to find investors, a presentation/proposal folder can help you create that lasting impact that you are hoping to make. Cheaper alternatives might seem like a good idea but here at kaizen we truly believe you pay for what you get, paying for a cheap batch of presentation folders could result in misprinting or just a low quality print. Here at kaizen we use the highest quality resources to ensure you make the impact you desire.   In an more digitally centred society the concept of presentation folders may seem a bit outdated but that isn’t necessarily the case. Presentation folders are traditional but there also very formal, using them correctly can come across as very professional and can excel your presentation or proposal to the next level.   If you think a presentation folder is the right tool for you or you have any further questions we would love to hear from you. Contact us via Email on our contact forum, call us on 028 9002 2474 or just pop into 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast.