Christmas cards: The perfect product for your Photography business

Christmas cards are a big part of the holiday celebrations, sending a Christmas card is seen as a kind and considerate thing to do and many people take part in the tradition. However, on the high street there is relatively few places to buy Christmas cards that are specific to your region or area or other specifics, as shop bought cards are generally quite broad. This gives Photographers the perfect opportunity to create stunning Christmas cards to showcase their photography of their local area, Northern Ireland, Ireland, the UK. Wherever or whatever you think of would suit a Christmas card cover.


Christmas cards are made so simple with Kaizen, simply purchase a batch of Christmas cards, (choose between 50 and 500) your desired size, (A5 and A6) and then upload any image and text you want on the Christmas card and relax, we will handle the rest. Our Christmas cards are printed on our thickest paper stock, 350gsm and using state of the art printers which print in stunning high quality colour to give you the best quality card printing available, this makes them ideal for your high resolution quality photography.


Once printed you can post your Christmas to friends and loved ones or sell them on and increase awareness of your photography business as well as gaining some extra well needed cash around the holiday period. Customers are sure to love your unique and high quality printed Christmas cards, especially those who have family abroad, your Christmas card gives them the ability to have a little taste of home.


Everybody loves Christmas, and it’s their own little unique traditions that make Christmas share in these special traditions by photographing them and sharing them with your community, embracing the giving tradition and highlighting those things that make Christmas special for you and make special memories this festive season. You can also adapt the special idea by including text such as “Merry Christmas from Belfast” or “Northern Ireland”, “Dublin”, “Donegal”, “Liverpool” or wherever you are from for that matter and create an extremely sentimental Christmas card.


Whatever your reason for wanting to print Christmas cards make sure you do it through kaizen print to ensure a Christmas card that is great quality, printed on the finest paper available and using only the best printers, resulting in a gift that is extremely sentimental to the receiver. Just simply call us on 028 9002 2472, call into our office at 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast or email us on [email protected].


Merry Christmas,
The Kaizen Team