Tips for Designing Artwork for Window Graphics

Window graphics can be a valuable asset to any business. These will be the first thing many people see of your business, and so you will want to leave them with a good impression. 

When it comes to designing the official artwork to be used in your window graphics, you will want to take your time to ensure it’s bringing across the meaning of your message and brand effectively. 

If you need a little inspiration, here are a few tips to help you during the design process, to ensure you make the best artwork possible! 

Be Consistent 

When it comes to the actual designing process, it is important to keep things consistent. If your company logo has a combination of certain colours, you should try and utilize the same colours, or colours that are similar. Designing something that is way off your usual branding might confuse customers as to whether it’s the same company, and you don’t want to throw them off.  Whatever you design should be instantly recognisable as coming from your business. 

Choose the Right Font  

Along with the design you go for, the correct font is also a crucial point to consider. As we mentioned, it would be wise to go for the same font as your standard business logo, or the font you use in all your business content. Fonts should be simple and easy to read, as well as large enough to comprehend. Popular examples can include fonts like Helvetica or Futura. 

Outline the Text 

Another popular tip for those hoping to create artwork that stands out, is by outlining any text. This can sometimes be good for attracting more attention to the window, and getting people to remember your message. If you want to attract from a distance, primary colours work best. 

Well-designed Artwork Creates Confidence and Trust 

Keep in mind that if your artwork is lacking somewhat, whether in the overall design or the message itself, this will send a poor image to your customers and one which they may miss altogether.  

Instead, if your design has been designed with a bit of imagination, attention to detail and care, it will definitely put across a more confident message to your customers, and make them feel they can put their trust in your business.  

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