5 Tips for Designing Successful Nightclub Leaflets

We’ve all been there. We’re walking down the main street passed all the bars and we’re confronted with a ream of enthusiastic nightclub promoters looking to entice us into their new exciting club or bar. They’ll pass us the leaflet with that toxic free shot, and we’ll nod politely and say “we’ll be in later”, until we reach the nearest bin and dispense of the leaflet and veer off to our usual watering hole. So how do you convince the passing trade to spend their free time in your nightclub? 

Well a reason to come in, is of course a great place to start. If you’ve got a star act, a thrilling event, or a really great deal then of course you’ve got a great hook, but how do you compete with all the other nightclubs that also think they’ve got the x-factor to entice punters off the street? What makes your nightclub the one that stands out and the “in” place to be, and where do leaflets fit into all of this? 

Here’s our 5 tips as to how a successful nightclub leaflet design can make you stand out from the crowd.  

Be Different 

That bar that offers the free Jägerbomb, but with sticky floors and drinks prices twice as expensive as your local pub, will certainly reel in the more inebriated, but if you’re really looking to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to be a little more creative. And your leaflet is a great place to start! 

Be high quality 

Now this doesn’t have to mean more expensive, it just means be better. Strive to be better with how you communicate with your potential customers. You can picture it now – the leaflet you threw in the bin – the cheapest, flimsiest of materials, that horrible font, and that Jägerbomb offer front and centre. A high quality printed leaflet will immediately feel like something that doesn’t really deserve to be thrown away quite so easily. 

 Design different 

Stray away from the cliché’s. Maybe avoid the graphic of that attractive lady sipping a martini. Think about what makes your nightclub or bar special and then think about how you can really get this across to your customers in a way that they haven’t seen a thousand times before.  

Get to the point 

Don’t confuse your punters with too much information. They’re not likely to spend very long studying your leaflet, so you need to ensure that you grab their attention with exactly the information that you want them to read.  

Be You 

Your leaflet should reflect what your nightclub is all about. If it’s about cheesy pop music, disco balls and sticky floors, then there’s nothing wrong with that… (it sounds like fun!), just make sure that this element of fun is incorporated into the design of your leaflet and you’ll be all set! 

A leaflet may be only one seemingly minor aspect of this whole experience, but it is actually a vital component of the experience for your customers. An eye catching design, along with a higher quality print job will immediately set the tone for what your customers can expect when they come into your club.  

At Kaizen Print we work with clients day in and day out to solve design and branding questions just like this. So if you’re struggling to connect with your customers, or are looking to increase loyalty or awareness of what your business has to offer, our design team are experts at cutting through the noise and making your printed materials do your brand justice. 

For more information on how to create effective nightclub leaflets you visit our leaflets and flyers page, or feel free to get in touch here.