3 tips for printing successful car dealership service wallets

So just how important is a service wallet to your customers really… after all, it’s just a folder to keep more important documents in, right? Wrong… Your service wallet is both an advertising opportunity, and a reminder of the quality that your customer has just invested in.  

Car Dealership Wallets

It’s vital therefore that you don’t let standards slip when it comes to details like this, and that you incorporate the same attention to detail into your service wallets construction as you would the manufacture of your cars, your customer service and perhaps even your “more obvious” advertising touchpoints. 

As the service wallet holds vital information about your customer’s purchase, most customers will hold on to their service wallet for as long as they own their car. In a world of decreasing attention spans, information overload, and short expiry dates for advertising, that’s a significant advertising advantage that shouldn’t be ignored.  

Similarly, you’ll want the folder to be produced to a high standard as it will need to stand the test of time. Like the quality of the car itself you will want your customers to feel safe in the knowledge that attention to detail and the highest standards are paramount to every part of the service that you provide.  

At Kaizen Print we work with our customers to produce only the highest quality presentation folders. Our design and branding team know exactly how to create the impression that you want to achieve, and our team of printing staff bring this to life with high quality and professional print jobs. 

As industry experts, here’s our tips on how to ensure that you present the right kind of wallet to your customers? 

Get to the point 

The service wallet provides a dual purpose of advertising and useful information. The best design approach to a job like this is to present clear, simple and sharp imagery with a selective approach to the advertising and information provided will give a slick, professional and appealing look and feel to your wallet. 

Be on brand 

If there is anything which can sow the seeds of doubt in the mind of a customer, it’s a lack of consistency in the way you present your brand. A strong and consistent branding job is required to really maximise the impact of your service wallet. Your service wallet should be consistent with all other elements of your brand, and should reinstate your brand’s key message and identity.  

Be sturdy and reliable 

Ultimately, the service wallet is there to serve an important purpose. It contains highly important documents that your customers will want to have instant access to when they need it. A flimsy wallet that deteriorates over time will tell your customers that aftercare is not your number one priority.  

As a car dealership, your customers are not only investing a great deal of money in your product, they are also investing a great deal of trust. Your customers trust that the car you are selling them will be a reliable member of the family for years to come, getting them from A to B and everything in between.  

A high quality, professional service wallet will not only reassure your customers that the investment they have made is just as high quality and professional, but will also act as a permanent piece of advertising in the homes of each of your customers for years to come, and as a reminder that they (or their friends and family) can come back to you at a later date, should they want a new high quality, professional and reliable car. 

You want a supplier that understands you, and how great your message is. At Kaizen Print we know the difference high quality design and print can make to your sales and marketing. To find out more about how we can help you create your service wallet check out our presentation folders page. For more information on how our expert design and production team can help, you can also get in touch here

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