Our New Booklet Maker

Our Booklet Printing Has Become Even Better

Exciting times in the Kaizen building, as we recently acquired a brand new booklet maker! (Oh the things we get excited about) But it is exciting, as it will allow us to work at a faster capacity, getting your booklet orders printed quicker and more efficiently. Not only this, but the quality of finishing on our new Duplo DBM 150 & DSF2200 is even better than we can imagine. Where 1000 printed booklets a day was a stretch, we now have the capacity for up to 2000 booklets an hour. Meet The New Machine As our business has continued to grow over the years, we have become the go to printer in Belfast for many types of small format print including poster, flyers and especially booklets. This increased demand has meant that we need to be able to work faster and more efficiently to accommodate the orders we are receiving. This is where the new machine comes in. The new booklet maker that we have added to our team is that of the Duplo DBM 150. That might not mean a lot to a good many people, but to us here it’s music to our ears. Small, but it certainly packs a punch. Our new piece of print finishing equipment is the world’s smallest fully automatic booklet maker and trimmer, with the ability to print 2400 booklets an hour. This means that we can do everything the bigger printers can do, without taking up half the space and if you’ve been in the kaizenprint.co.uk HQ recently, you’ll know that space is very much at a premium here on the Lisburn Road. What Else Can It Do? This is an absolutely fantastic acquisition for us, as we often get loads of orders for booklets, and now we can fire through them in a breeze. As well as this however, the new maker means there is no longer any need for manually adjusting of the guides or the trimming positions, as it is all automatic. This makes it a lot easier on our print production team as they can let the machine do the work, while they concentrate on getting other jobs ready, that may require slightly more delicate work. As well as this however, it also allows us to do side stapling, corner stapling, fold stapling and loop stapling, all from within the machine, allowing our production team even more time and hands to work on the more time consuming jobs. Annual Report Printing, no problem. Order of Service Booklets in a hurry? Yes we can. All our digitally printed saddle-stitched booklets will receive the Duplo treatment from now on. What Does This Mean For My Booklets? You have absolutely no need to worry, as your booklets are still in good hands. We acquired this new booklet maker to speed up the process, make sure that we can cope with the extra capacity and that’s exactly what we are going to be doing. It allows to be at the high end of printing technology, meaning we can continue to impress and give you the orders that you want for years to come On that note, if you are in need of some booklet printing and design, why not take advantage of our new technology? We offer a whole range of options for you booklet needs, so why not give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get in touch via our contact form.