Thank your customers with a branded calendar

Clients mean a lot to your business regardless of what sector you are in, retail or catering whatever it may be customers and suppliers and others you collaborate with are the ones that keep things running smoothly ensuring your business stays afloat. For all that support they give you, you should give something back. A branded calendar is the ideal way to say thank you this festive season.

Regardless what type of business you work in, it’s almost certain there is a calendar or wall planner somewhere around the building, they keep things running like clockwork and are an extremely versatile asset to your team, highlighting important dates and they enable you to plan out the year ahead without running into any double bookings or any other issue that might befall your business. That’s why you should stay ahead of your competition and begin printing and giving out your own branded calendars, giving them to customers, suppliers and whoever else you see fit, and here’s why.

Giving out calendars means you can spread your brand name far and wide, ensuring your name stays relevant and increases your repeat business, after all whenever they look at the calendar they see your brand and automatically think of you. Giving out branded calendars is something we here at kaizen have practiced for years and we can really see the benefit of it. Due to the nature of our business and our clients largely being corporate businesses we favour the table calendar, using this type of calendar means every person sitting at a desk can see our brand on a daily basis, and this really works for us but as a business you have a variety of other options including A3, A4, 1/3rd width A4 calendars as well as A2 and A3 sized wall planners. Which one is best for you really depends on what type of business you are in and what works best for you personally. For example 1/3rd A4 sized calendars are extremely popular later on in the year with Chinese takeaways celebrating Chinese new year, and wall planners work well with managerial positions so they can be displayed within office rooms. Gifting these out at the end of the year really have an effect on your brands awareness and an investment you will see the return from all throughout the new year. A simple gesture that truly goes a long way like this will put your business ahead of competitors after all people buy from people and a calendar is an ideal way to show that you are a caring and considerate business owner that anyone would be happy to work with.

Giving out calendars gives a great way for people to conveniently contact you, simply design your calendars with your contact details on it and your web address meaning your customers don’t have to far and wide looking for you, you are right there on their desk and all they have to do is pick up the phone.

Calendars really do help spread your brands name and message in a really simple way, just simply purchase a batch of calendars from kaizen and hand them out, they work like a sales team would ensuring customers keep coming back. If you would like to purchase a batch of calendars simply call us on 028 9002 2474 or pop into 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast or email us on [email protected].