Calendar types: what works best for you

Calendars are a highly useful product, even as the digital age takes over and most people have a calendar on their phones or on their computer the printed calendar shouldn’t be underestimated. Printed calendars come in lots of different shapes and sizes and most people have one in their office or in their homes, and for good reason. But before you order your personalised calendar you have to know which one is best for you.


Wall planner

Wall businesses are the favourite choice of business professionals, they are extremely large (available in A2 and A1) and are only a single sheet. They feature large text boxes with plenty of space for writing notes, scheduling dates and other useful information such as numbers and important notes. The large text boxes don’t leave much room for a photo but that’s okay you can personalise the design making it stand out. Wall planners aren’t supposed to be pretty the way a calendar is instead they are designed to be practical, suited for any busy office space, ideal for managers, CEO’s and other busy roles. Keeping you organised and up to date. 


Table Calendar

Table calendars are ideal for the office due to their compact and convenient nature meaning every person in the office can have on on their desk and be looking at it every day. If your a business professional this presents a great opportunity as it allows you to motivate your entire workforce without having to leave your desk, table calendars come with plenty of space to fit in an inspirational quote which your team are bound to see. The motivational quote will always be within eyesight and gets changed every month so will always display an appropriate and motivational message. They also allow you to personalise dates so your staff remember the important dates, meetings and other essential details. 



Big enough to be seen but compact enough that it won’t take up much shelf space the A4 calendar flaunts off enough space to add personal photos making it a fan favourite calendar for personal use. A lot of people who order A4 calendars use them in their house or gift them to relatives and close friends filling them with images of friends or family and use them to display cherished little ones and memories they want to display. Another huge benefit of the A4 calendar is there’s plenty of room to include important dates, holidays and birthdays and scribble in any that you have missed.



The big brother of the A4 calendar- the A3 is the same in every way, just double the size. This massive calendar offers a lot of benefits for certain groups, photographers, the elderly, partially sighted and businesses which sell high end products. A3 calendars offer photographers the potential to produce large beautiful images of your work printed in stunning high quality. Large calendars are also extremely popular with the partially sighted because a bigger size means bigger images and bigger text making it easier to read. A3 Calendars also work well for businesses selling products the large calendar does a great job advertising and showcasing products in stunning detail.



Thin calendars offer a more price and size effective option for the classic wall hanging calendar, they are the length of an A4 calendar but are half the width making them compact but leaving you plenty of space for a small picture or motivational message. These calendars are a great all rounder and are perfect if your tight on wall space.


Regardless of what calendar is best for you kaizen has it all, every shape and size printed on great quality paper using stunning quality print. So if you are interested in getting calendars printed make sure you come to kaizen. Simply call us on 028 9002 2474, email us on [email protected] or pop into 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast. We look forward to hearing from you.