Supporting our NHS workers

At Kaizen Print, we are delighted to be onboard with an initiative to support our front line staff during this extremely challenging time.

We know they chose a vocation where they can make a difference and we want to show our support to those who are going beyond the call of duty to help our friends, families and neighbours get through this period.

The idea was from Donna Sharratt of Man Grooming and is completely supported by Kaizen Print .

Donna Sharratt approached Kaizen Print and asked us to design and print a message to NHS staff to display at Man Grooming.

At Man Grooming, the staff work with Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and other frontline staff daily and they want to show their support. Trying to understand the level of demand that they are feeling is impossible, so they want to show their support for them.

From Donna Sharratt “Our frontline services are going to need us to inspire, motivate & help them manage this unprecedented situation. I feel that a mass visible message from their community will help them get through the tough days they will face when protecting, caring and looking after our community.”

We have made this into a downloadable PDF, so if you want to print off the poster at home or in your office and display it, this can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the link below;

Alternatively if you would like to have this printed, At Kaizen Print we would be more than happy to do this at cost price for you.

Contact our team today on 028 9002 2474 or directly message us through our online chat which can be found on our website.

At Kaizen Print, we couldn’t be more proud to be involved with such a great initiative. One which will aim to bring inspiration and motivation to our front line workers in such a stressful and demanding time.