Why Feather Flags are the Perfect addition to your corporate day

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If you are looking to make an impact on your next corporate day then feather flags are a great option. Also known as feather banners, teardrop flags or flying banners – feather flags are a means of catching the eye of your target audience. 

First off, what’s so special about feather flags?

They’re effective

Feather flags are good at what they do. Standing above head height, feather flags can be several metres in height. They can be seen from a distance and, combined with an eye-catching design, will get the results you want.  

They look good

The tent-like material used to create feather flags has a distinct appeal. Feather flags are great for bold designs and colours. The natural movement in the wind (much like a flag) also works to its advantage in drawing the eye. 

They’re Cost-Effective

For less than £200 you can grab the attention of passers-by or attendees of an event you are exhibiting at.

They’re versatile and durable 

Adding to the value of the product, feather flags will last. Ideal for all kinds of situations, permanent or temporary, indoors or outdoors, feather flags can be used again and again. 

So how can you benefit from using feather flags at your next corporate day? 

Trade shows

Corporate events or shows are filled with businesses all with the same objective. To make an impact. To stand out at a trade show it is important that you consider your presentation. What is is about your stand that is going to draw in the crowd? In order to tell your target audience exactly why what you have to sell is so valuable to them you first need to draw them in. Feather flags are the answer!

Networking events 

What are the three most important things to take to a networking event? A charming smile, great sales pitch and tonnes of business cards, right? Well, yes. But there are many more considerations to make too. The important thing to remember about networking events is that everything is important. Every part of your sales pitch is critical and it’s attention to detail that will win the day. Clever branding displays can make all the difference – and feather flags could just be the dealbreaker. 

Product launches

Product launches are a fabulous way to build excitement about a new product you are bringing to the market. How well you sell the idea of your product to attendees on the day can be as important as the product itself. You want your audience to get as excited as you are about what you have to offer. Branding your event space with feather flags is a great way to achieve this.


Whether at an awards ceremony or at the work Christmas do, feather flags can help to put a positive spin on your brand. All businesses want their brand to be considered in a positive light. By ensuring brand prominence at events where people are having a good time (maybe after a few drinks) you can make sure that this happens. 

Don’t forget the importance of internal branding either. Many businesses can forget that creating positive feelings towards their brand internally is as important (if not more) than externally. Make your employees proud to work for your brand. 

Charity Events

Charity events are all about raising awareness. And awareness doesn’t start and stop with the speeches. Using event branding can help to; 

  • Re-enforce the message you want to get across
  • Add supplementary messages (such as facts and figures)
  • Ensure that the event is remembered

You want to really drive home the message of the importance of the event. Charity work is vital and it’s important that your message doesn’t get lost. Feather flags can help to achieve this with vibrant and powerful messaging displayed high above the crowds.

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