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At the start of this year we launched our first ebook entitled 1hundred tips. Downloaded by hundreds of sales, marketing and business professionals from all across Northern Ireland, many have put the lessons and tips it contains to great use within their own ventures, regardless of business size.

We’re extremely proud of the feedback the book has received over the past 12 months and are continuing to support many of the clients who have requested more advice and guidance based on the tips the books presents.

The book was created in response to many customer requests asking for small tasks they could undertake on a regular basis to supplement and support their larger sales and marketing strategy. Each of the 100 tips in isolation would make a difference, but combined together over the course of the year, the results can be staggering.

Our Managing Director, Connor wrote the book while “off for the Christmas break” last year and credits the tips to Kaizen Prints own success.

“These tips aren’t new or ground breaking, but they are small actionable tasks I use daily, as do the entire Kaizen team. I’ve had some fantastic feedback from clients over the past 12 months and they take great pleasure in telling me of their own successes from their use.”

Below are a few sample extracts from the 1hundred tips sales and marketing book, however you can still get a copy of the book by filling in the form below.

Excerpts from our 1hundred tips sales and marketing e-book

We hope you get some fantastic benefits from the advice and guidance our e-book contains and we’d love you to share your experience on our Facebook or Twitter pages.