How to design presentation folders for print

It’s often commented by customers that one of the most challenging products to design from our range is the presentation folder. We understand completely that almost everyone except a printer in Belfast like ourselves doesn’t print presentation folders daily. It’s because of this understanding and knowledge we have of the product, that we can demystify the design of presentation folders and help you or your designer to focus on the creativity, rather than the print set up.

Today we bring to you our top 4 tips for the print set up of your presentation folders. They are:

  • Use design templates
  • RGB and CMYK
  • Bleed
  • Check your information (twice)

Use design templates

No we don’t mean you copy everyone else, but the starting point for any presentation folder design should be the last process of the entire job. The punching to shape. By choosing one of our templates, you have a guide from one of our pre-approved cutting formes. This means your designer can focus on the creative side of things rather than trying to confirm id the fold and the interlocking elements will work just as they should. Below we’ve shown a number of our templates available for use. By using one of our in-house formes you can certainly ensure a cheap presentation folder print.

However if you want to create a bespoke template for your project, this is absolutely no issue at all. We can have a unique cutting forme created for your bespoke presentation folder project.


As with any print project its common practice to correct RGB images before they get to the print press. Converting them to CMYK before placing in to your design ensures that you are happy with the colour representation and have the opportunity to lighten them before print. As a rule RGB images view much more brightly than their converted (and unedited) CMYK conversions. While not very common that this is an issue, it’s mindful to address this before the project goes to print.


Even on presentation folders, using the standard rule of 3mm bleed is required here. While the folder punching forme will give a unique shape, extend bleed 3-4mm beyond all areas of the cutting forme. If you have a solid colour along all edges, many designers extend the colour right to the edge of the entire artboard rather than following the shape of the punching forme. We’ll always check your artwork before print and so if you have any questions you can direct these to our artwork and production team.

Information check!

There’s no doubt about it, presentation folders are an investment in your business. There is a cost involved and we want to make sure you don’t have to print the project more than necessary. The single most common reason for reprints in the print industry is spelling and incorrect information such as telephone numbers and email addresses. We recommend you check all information within your folder multiple times and if you have someone else not involved in the project who can proofread your document, this is also recommended as the “fresh eyes” approach works brilliantly.

If all the above sounds good and you’re designing your presentation folder, get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to help you with the presentation folder printing. We can help with confirmation of print and finishing as well as helping you decide on the right type of forme to suit your project.