Designing booklets: top tips from a designer

Booklets are one of the most cost effective communication methods available to business owners and marketers. Whether they are focused on presenting a sales message, a product range or are simply to be used as a company booklet, a mix of high quality design and printing will create a positive impact regardless of which channel you are focused on. Within our sister business, design studio Kaizen Brand Evolution, we’ve designed and printed thousands of booklets for businesses all across the country. Our Design Director Ryan Stanfield brings to you some points to consider before embarking on the design of your booklet

Use high quality images

When designing a booklet the use of high quality imagery can make the world of difference in its overall quality. The best type of imagery is high quality photos taken in your business by a photographer. However in the absence of these images, we can utilise stock photography. Images ‘off google” are generally subject t copyright and the majority of the time these are not of a high enough quality to be used in a printed booklet. It’s always prudent to use the best images you can source, budgets permitting of course.

Content, Content, Content

Even if you decide to use another agency for the design and print of your booklets, we’ll leave you with this piece of advice. Start writing your content now. Most people underestimate the amount of time it takes to write, proof read and then proof read again before confirming final content. We’re happy to look at draft content for your design, but by providing a final content draft at the same time as your images, we can design much faster and this speed not only saves time, but also cost.

Define the strategic purpose of your booklet

This should be relatively simple in that the purpose of the book is identified at the very start of the project. What we really mean here is that you target the content specifically at your target audience. An annual report booklet will undoubtedly be written in a different tone from a sales booklet. By knowing and addressing your target market from the start, your booklet will become a much more efficient sales and marketing tool.

In addition to ensuring the design and focus of your booklet, you need to consider it as a finished print product. In doing so you should also consider the following:

Paper Type

We’re always happy to review your booklet choices and make suggestions on the type of paper that would best suit your design and the audience. The majority of booklets we print would be printed on a silk paper as this “satin” finish provides super sharp colour and text representation. For booklets with muted tones however, an uncoated stock may be more relevant. Once we see your content and discuss the project with you, we will be in a perfect position to advise.

Print Speed

At we offer 2 types of booklet printing. Digital booklet printing and litho booklet printing. Digital booklets are perfect for small quantities up to 250 or for those projects required in a hurry. Litho printing provides economies of scale at larger quantities, however the trade off here is the longer lead time on the production of litho printed booklets. Where digital booklets can be printed in 24 hrs, litho booklets take approximately 5 working days to complete.

At we successfully create thousands booklets each and every month. Our experience and knowledge of booklet design and booklet printing is unrivalled across Belfast. Whether you need an annual report, a sales brochure or event a product booklet, our team can help you craft the perfect booklet from start to finish. If you want us to look at a booklet printing project for your business, please get in touch with our Customer Service team.