How to make your posters even more effective

Many people already understand the benefits of poster printing. Whether for use as business or as a charity or even to promote your personal events, posters are an effective way of creating an impact without spending too much. The most common size for small format posters is A3 and A4. Because our posters or digitally printed you can buy exactly the quantity you need without any waste at all. Buying posters is one thing, what is actually printed on them is another and today we bring our tips to make your posters even more effective.

1) Define your brief

Before you begin your poster project, it’s mindful to understand it’s exact purpose. With this poster placed in location of your choice, what are you hoping to achieve. For many this is promotion of a product or service, for others it could be the announcement of an event, or it could be a health and safety poster within a workplace. By defining exactly what you’re trying to get from the poster printing, you will be in a much better position to brief a designer giving them a better opportunity to create the perfect poster

2) Imagery

You’ve seen posters before that a look pixelated and blocky. They look cheap, they look unprofessional and they don’t do their job of communicating a message correctly. We recommend you always use professional photography for any printing project. However we understand that conducting your own photoshoot may not be within the budget and so we offer high quality stock photography from Adobe. We use stock photography for thousands of projects per year and while not just as good as your own commissioned photography, these are high quality images and provide an extremely high quality finish. We’ll make recommendations on the type of photography to use and show you these placed on your poster design proofs.

3) Content

With every poster printing project it’s prudent to start with the content. Write your content with the knowledge that this poster is being viewed in a split second, as a person is passing by. Use attention grabbing headlines that are clearly readable from afar. It’s wise to not add too much text to poster design but leaving the main parts clearly visible. We recommend a headline, a small paragraph detailing the key message and methods of communication so that a potential customer can get in touch with you.

4) Paper Type

A good designer will help you understand what type of paper you should print your posters on. They will at least give you a direction and some understanding so you are knowledgeable when speaking to your printer. But don’t worry, at our team are experts in printing, design and marketing. We will understand the goals of your project and give you the right type of print and paper to suit it.

With all the above in mind, you will undoubtedly have a much more hassle free poster printing and design project. We would be delighted to help you with the design and print and so you can order your posters online at or you can call our customer service team on 02890 022 474.