Jumbo presentation cheque for Johnson & Johnson

From Belfast to Birmingham and Ipswich to Inverness, our presentation cheques have traveled to every corner of the country. And that’s just brilliant, because it shows how much money is being raised for charities, community groups and other great causes all around the land.

We’ve designed and printed hundreds of jumbo cheques over the years and we’ve probably been sought out online regarding our cheques thousands of times on top of that.

Cheque presentation to charity

One of the most common uses for our presentation cheques is the giving of donations to charities. If you watch any of the nationwide televised charity events, or indeed read your local newspaper, you’ll see presentation cheque “handovers” featured regularly and prominently.

Raising money for charities and community groups is amazing, especially when conducted in the business arena. The business or group may wish to showcase the generosity of their employees and members by ceremonially handing over a cheque to the value of the amount raised. This provides a wonderful public relations opportunity that can be distributed to the press and released on their own communication channels.

Special presentation cheques

Large format or jumbo presentation cheques are not uncommon, but those raising money will need to arrange their own design and print. This is especially wise if working on behalf of a business entity where the company may wish to brand the cheque using their own logo and details.

We make this process super easy, and offer simple templates that are customisable free of charge. Simply send us your logo and we’ll place this neatly on the design. If you want to add text and a value to the cheque also, we can provide this again at no extra charge. If however you want us to design a presentation cheque exclusively for your company, our design studio can certainly accommodate this request.

Ordering a presentation cheque

There are 3 things to consider when ordering a presentation cheque:

  1. Single Use or Reusable – we offer both single use (paper) and reusable (matt laminated vinyl applied to foamex. If you intend to use the cheque on more than one occasion, the investment into a reusable presentation cheque is recommended. The matt lamination we use on our presentation cheques is wipe clean when you use a whiteboard marker.
  2. Design – At kaizenprint.co.uk we have a standard presentation cheque design that can be tailored with your logo. In addition to this, we can place the text on the design with the value and numbers to the same value in the appropriate positions. For those businesses who want a cheque design bespoke to their business, our studio are experts at designing presentation cheques and will be only too happy to assist.
  3. Turnaround – Our normal turnaround for cheques is 2 working days plus 24 hour courier. We can express this to 1 working day plus courier. Please ensure you are available to proof your order as soon as the artwork is ready to ensure we meet your deadlines.


As a business we are committed to creating the best service for presentation cheques across the UK & Ireland and we welcome any feedback you have on your orders.

Good luck with your fundraising efforts.