Why you need a roller banner

If we had just one product to print forever more, it would be roll up banners. These large format printed banners are one of the most effective opportunities any business utilise when advertising their products and services to an audience. Over the past year alone we’ve printed thousands of high quality roller banners for businesses, community groups and charities all across the country. By never compromising quality we can stand over each and every banner our amazing print specialists create.

There are hundreds of benefits of roller banners for your business and today we’re going to look at some of the key reasons, a roller banner is the ultimate sales and marketing tool you need at hand. If this article doesn’t convince you, then step on over to our Roller Banner: Ultimate Guide page for more information and advice.

1) Roller banners are cheap

At under £100 for a premium roll-up banner, these highly cost efficient marketing tools afford you the opportunity to market to a huge audience all year round. If for example you place a roller banner in a strategic location for a full year, the print itself costs less than 30p per day. Many of our own roller banners have been situ for many years and so, for the money, there are few cheaper alternatives to roller banners. Consider that the cost of a single click online from your favourite search engine may cost you £2 as a minimum and yet with the right positioning, a roller banner can act as a much more cost effective sales tool. When you include it as part of a rounded marketing, sales and advertising campaign, a roller banner makes commercial sense for almost every business.

2) Roller banners are quick to print

We print our roller banners in house. Coupled with our dedicated team of production specialists, we are able to print fit your banner to it’s stand in record time. We have one of the industry’s leading turnaround times and have been known to complete projects to the highest standards, even before our competitors have sent quotes to our customers.

3) Roller banners command attention

Due to their size, a roller banner commands attention when placed in a strategic location. While not overbearing, their height and width affords them the opportunity to be seen from afar. Even up close with our high quality 300dpi printing, precise details and content can be read with ease. When designing a roller banner it’s prudent to consider who will be viewing the banner and under which circumstances. Usually less is more and we consider the following to be more than adequate as an information source.

  • Logo (Who we are)
  • Key Message (What we do or are trying to sell)
  • Link to Sale – (Website address or telephone number)

The key to a great roller banner is it’s design. A fantastic design studio will take a few images, a couple of words and make a sales and marketing tool to rival anyone on the wolf of wall street. They’ll understand your business need and create a ninja roller banner that will attract attention, inform those who see it of your intention and also give them the opportunity to communicate with your business.

For more information on our premium Roller Banners, please visit https://kaizenprint.co.uk/roll-up-banners/