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Air Punch Poster

Posters are ubiquitous in society.  Every day you see a poster.  You may not even notice them but you do see a lot of them every given day.  They can be found indoors and outdoors in all shapes and sizes.

Posters are essential in building your brand.  Therefore, utilise your signature colour and logo to make it easy for customers to recognise your brand.  Above all, incorporate a brilliant graphic design for maximum effect.  Let your poster leave a lasting impression.

How to Make a Brilliant Bespoke Poster

Message Priority

What is the purpose of your poster design?  Determine the one priority element.  Revolve the rest of the components around that priority.  Similarly, make your poster result-driven.  Above all, make the font, patterns and tone of artwork relevant to your target audience’s needs, therefore generating progressive outcomes.


Make your poster content readable from a distance.  Clearly call out any calls to action.  Focus on three major elements to make your poster readable:

  1. Headline – Incorporate an attention-seeking font big enough to grab an audience’s attention. In addition, place the typography at the top or the middle.  However, give the information prominent real estate.
  2. Details – Be unique with your approach.  Pique the interest of the viewers. Use abstract and design patterns that can reflect uniformity and innovation.
  3. Flow – Ensure a proper flow between all the elements.  Above all, capture the audience.

Eliminate Confusion

Eliminate all the elements and factors causing confusion.  Avoid ambiguity in delivering your brand’s message.  However, include a call to action, and make this the ultimate aim of your poster.  Bring your customer closer to your brand.

Poster Printing - A1

Poster Options from Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print we have a wide array of posters to meet the needs of your brand or business, whether you are in Belfast, Omagh, or anywhere else throughout Northern Ireland.

Large Posters

High quality large indoor posters are printed in a variety of sizes.  Large posters are single sided and printed on satin poster paper.  This paper provides fantastic colour replication at an affordable price.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are produced with Micro-holes allowing them to be placed outside and withstand windy conditions.  The holes allow air to pass through preventing sailing of the poster.  Places like fences, hoarding and scaffolding are the primary target of Mesh Banners.

Express A4 & A3 Poster Printing

Our digitally printed posters are amazing quality and matched with some of the best prices around.  Sometimes you just can’t wait to get your designs into print.  We are the kings and queens of the fast turnaround, therefore we can have these posters printed and ready to ship within a day.

Waterproof Posters

Printed onto a 300 micron polypropylene film, these waterproof posters won’t be impacted by the weather and are easily wiped clean.  They are perfect for medium-term outdoor promotional use and are more durable than regular laminated posters.

Backlit Lightbox Posters

These posters are designed to be lit from behind so that they project an image in stunning colour.  Backlint lightbox psters are printed on a transclucent film with a high density of ink laid down to ensure the higest vibrancy of colour and print production.

Table Plans

Organise your wedding guess in style with our beautifully printed table plans.  Choose from poster style or mounted, these are perfect in planning your wedding or event with super fast turnaround.

A4 Poster Printing

210 x 297mm in size, these posters are perfect for indoors including within offices andssall retail outlets.  Printing is available on silk, gloss or uncoated printing stocks and on two available paper weights.

A3 Posters

Our customers use these posters throughout the country and are perfect for promotions in a number of different establisments, such as bars and clubs or restaurants and cafes.  A3 posters are the most commonly purchased poster size.

A2 Poster Printing

A2 posters are perfect for medium to large marketing campaigns or businesses with a consistent message that won’t change over an extended period of time.  They work perfectly at trade shows in retail windows and in-store display stands.

Fabric Posters

Fabric posters travel great distances and are mostly used for conferences worldwide.  They won’t crease or tear during travel.  Fabric posters can fold up, be rolled up and the graphics are still sharp when they are taken out for display.

Why Go With Posters?

  1. Massive audience – Posters are found everywhere.  Public or private spaces proudly display posters.  Therefore, you will have the attention of a huge audience with a brilliant poster.
  2. Visibility –Posters are highly visible and because of their ubiquity, easy to see.  However, a striking message or compelling visual improves your brand’s visibility. Get your brand in the public conversation with a brilliant design.
  3. Credibility – Posters in some form have been around for as long as one can remember. Their display in public spaces makes them accessible to all and accountable.  Therefore posters are a credible form of marketing.
  4. Versatility – There are limitless possibilities to poster design. There are also options for the paper used, therefore posters are seasonally versatile.  Play with the fonts, words and graphics.  Above all, propel your brand over the clutter.
  5. Memorable – Most posters are clutter not registering with the consumer.  However, a great poster is unforgettable. Memorable posters are creative, vibrant and succinct.  In addition, memorable poster campaigns go viral.  At the very least they create direct and effective responses from the consumer.
  6. Cost Effective – Posters are cheaper than radio, print or television advertising. In addition, they are a simple and easy form of communication and therefore the most cost-effective form of marketing.

Poster Printing in Northern Ireland

Above all, at Kaizen Print we have a wealth of experience in helping clients with their flyer requirements throughout Belfast, Omagh and all of Northern Ireland. If you would like some help with the design our Graphic Design Belfast team can help you get the best results. To find out how we can help with your poster needs, visit our posters page, or get in touch via our contact page, or by calling 028 9002 2474