Flyers & Leaflets – Why Your Brand Needs Them

In the digital age, it is easy to wonder about the prevalence of flyers and leaflets.  Checking the post each day unearths many delights and just as much unsightly clutter.  Menus, introductions to new businesses and sales events are among the flyers that make it to our homes each day.  Why has the flyer been such a durable and lasting commodity and why should you care in promoting your business and/or brand?

Leaflets and flyers are a valuable and respected part of an integrated marketing campaign.    Therefore, a well thought-out and eye-catching flyer or leaflet is a cost-effective method to promote your brand.

What Are Flyers?

Flyers are not limited to that photocopied sheet of paper handed to you walking down the street in town.  Flyers are a direct form of marketing – in some cases you are face to face with your customer and your flyer will be a reminder of your conversation.  They are versatile and can include menus, takeaway menus, brochures and comment cards. That is just the start.

Types of Flyers and Leaflets

Here at Kaizen Print we have a wide array of flyers and leaflets.

  • A7 Leaflets – our smallest in size but not in impact, A7 flyers are a budget friendly option without compromising on impact
  • A6 Leaflets – promote your small gig or product launch and get your message into clear view of potential consumers
  • A5 Leaflets – historically one of the most popular options for marketeers , A5 leaflets are here to stay
  • A4 Leaflets – from information sheets at events or being used during door to door sales, A4 Flyers are the most effective way to get your message across to your consumer
  • A3 Leaflets – Grab the attention of potential consumers with our A3 leaflets printed on either silk, gloss or uncoated paper stock with a range of weights to choose from
  • 1/3 A4 Leaflets – Get your message across in a stylish way with the unconventional 1/3 A4 Leaflet, perfect for wine lists and other menus.
  • A5 Folded Flyers – can be used for anything from comment cards to golf cards to cocktail menus. They have a huge impact due to their quality.
  • A4 Folded Flyers – Commonly used as takeaway menus, but perfect for any type of business, our A4 Folded Flyers are an excellent quality.
  • A3 Folded Flyers – these flyers are perfect for many business uses including brochures, sales presentations and takeaway menus.

Whether you are in Belfast, Omagh or anywhere else in Northern Ireland, our team of experts at Kaizen Print can help you with your flyer needs.

Flyer Design Considerations

Clear & Concise Messaging – think of the flyers that have grabbed your attention.  Clear and concise messaging is the only way to stand out from the mass.  Therefore, you should plan what is your message.  What point are you trying to get across?  What will entice your consumer to take more than a passing glance?  Message is key so speak direct.  In addition, clear messaging will ensure your customer is not confused.

Personalise Your Flyer – ensure the design is clearly aligned with your company and brand.  Incorporate your brand colours and logos that stay consistent with any existing brand imagery and therefore reinforces the brand.  Images can be a focal point and powerful ones are effective in grabbing attention.  In addition, make it different.  Some days we can be bombarded with many different flyers, but many look to be the same.  Get creative, take a chance and ensure your flyer stands out.

Know Your Audience – Identify your audience or the audience you are trying to attract.  Ensure the flyer content and design will interest that group.  Knowing your audience will ensure you are able to get that audience excited about your brand.

Benefits of Flyers

  1. Affordable – Studies show that leaflet printing or flyer printing is more cost-effective than other channels of promotion.
  2. Quick Turnaround – Our flyers are posted within 2 days of proof approval using the next day delivery service.
  3. Great for Short Notice Events – Quickly gets your message out about your event or meeting.
  4. Compliments Digital – Printed materials can support digital media. For example, a QR code can link to a webpage to get further information.

In addition, you can measure the success of your flying campaign.  Run a promotion and utilise unique flyer-specific promo codes, QR codes or custom URLs.  You can build further excitement by incentivising your flyer with a special offer, which will increase engagement.

Given the right planning and execution, flyers are an effective and engaging marketing technique.  They are a cost-effective way to promote your brand, event or special offer.  They are capable of driving positive responses from the target audience, therefore it is imperative to get it right to make the most of your investment.  Grab attention, create an exciting mood and support the short story you are telling.  Compel your customers to come for more.

Get Help from the Professionals

At Kaizen Print we have a wealth of experience in helping clients with their flyer requirements throughout Belfast, Omagh and all of Northern Ireland. If you would like some help with the design our Graphic Design Belfast team can help you get the best results. To find out how we can help with your flyer needs, visit our leaflets & flyers page, or get in touch via our contact page, or by calling 028 9002 2474.