Christmas Cards – Connect With Those That Matter

A Christmas Card ushers in the most wonderful time of the year.  This year may be the most wonderful of all.  After 20 months of lockdowns, social distancing and having to stay away from loved ones, the social connection is so necessary and craved at this time of year.

Card culture remains in the zeitgeist with the proliferation of cards in shops throughout the country.  Christmas lords over all of card culture and the Christmas card remains an essential and iconic element of the Christmas tradition.

Generic mass produced Christmas cards are a sure fire way to the bin, but a unique personalised card is a guaranteed way into even the frostiest of hearts.

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History of Christmas Cards

The first recorded Christmas cards were exchanged in 1611.  This followed the template for images we see today featured on many traditional cards, but featured script that followed a more traditional birthday greeting.

Henry Cole is largely seen as the first to commission the Christmas card.  The card feature images of Christmas traditions and were sold for a shilling each.

Christmas cards have exploded into a blizzard of an industry since.  People young and old look forward to receiving a Christmas card.  In addition, those that are truly special are collected and relived year after year as a cherished memory.

A Christmas Card from You

Creating a personal Christmas card makes it a unique experience for the recipient.  In addition to not being a duplicate manufactured card, the effort and heart to be original truly makes someone feel special.  It’s a sentimental gesture and one that the recipient will want to cherish and experience every year thereafter.

Personalise the Christmas Card Experience

From near to far, recipients will appreciate a Christmas card that has been truly personalised.  So many of us have been isolated for so long.  The personal touch goes so far in creating a connection.  Dress up the family, get a portrait done and use it as the card image.  Let them know the whole family send on their Christmas wishes.

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Business Christmas Cards

Christmas cards shouldn’t be limited to loved ones.  It’s been a hard couple of years for all of us.  This includes the workforce which has been under considerable stress and strain with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has wrought on society.  Instead of sending a generic knock off guaranteed to be tossed in the bin seconds after being opened, personalise the card.  Let your employees or colleagues know that they are acknowledged and worth the personal touch.

In addition, this personal approach is also effective in showing your appreciation to clients.  Make a list of all the clients that have supported your business throughout the business year.  Thank them for their business and offer them your personal warm yuletide greetings.  Make it memorable and you are guaranteed to see a happy new year with some repeated business.

Joyful Announcements

There’s no better way to combine a joyful announcement and Christmas than with a special Christmas Card.  Christmas cards can also combine messages for both employees and clients.  Maybe this was an exception year for your business.  If so, don’t be a scrooge and make your card even merrier by sharing the success stories.

Have exciting plans for the coming year?  Thank your employees for the year gone by and let them in on the excitement of the coming year’s vision.  You can also combine the message of Christmas with an upcoming promotion, special offer or event.  Any big announcement that adds to the joy of the season can be incorporated into a personal Christmas card.  The possibilities are endless.

All Anyone Wants for Christmas Is You

In conclusion, there are so many reasons to give out a Christmas card.  Above all, some derive great joy from receiving a card.  They proudly display it on the mantle or the Christmas tree.  It becomes a work of art and one that gets pulled out year after year with the other Christmas favourites.

Connection, especially in the midst of this pandemic is so vital.  We’ve lost it and we all need to find it again.  There are few simpler ways to create a connection than with a personalised card – one that comes from the heart.

Show your gratitude, whether it be to loved ones, colleagues or employees.  Let them know they matter and that you care.  It’s all anyone really wants these days.  And a personalised Christmas card is a great start.

Christmas Card Printing

It doesn’t matter if you are in Belfast, Omagh or anywhere throughout Northern Ireland.  Whatever your reasons for sending out a Personalised Christmas card and no matter the recipients make this Christmas one to remember by going the extra mile and getting a personalised Christmas card instead. Don’t forget our 30% off Christmas cards offer on now.  If getting personalised cards is something you are interested in, make sure you visit Kaizen either by phoning 028 9002 2474 or emailing us via the contact form.  You may also order online at and don’t forget to enter the promo code “XMASCARD30”.