5 Reasons You Need Presentation Folders

Nobody likes to be disorganised. Especially when you have an important meeting or presentation. However, what’s worse, is being organised but not taking better care of your work. You might have a great presentation, that even you know will knock your meeting out of the water. However, once it’s printed, it’s shoved in a polly pocket, or into your briefcase and by the time you get there…. Disaster. It’s all crumpled and immediately your client has made an assumption about you and you’ve lost a lot of the confidence you had.   At Kaizen, we want to make sure that doesn’t happen, as we know all too well just how important those meetings are, and how what your bring with you, can say as much as how you give the presentation. To this end, we suggest presentation folders. We love them, and I’m going to tell you 5 reasons why you need one and soon enough you’ll end up loving them as much as we do.  

Helps to keep you organised

One of the key aspects to pulling off a fantastic presentation or meeting, is organisation. If you know where everything you need is, you can stop stressing about that and get your head in the game. Begin to think more about what you’ll say and how you’ll present yourself. This is where presentation folders come in handy. A great way to keep everything that you need tightly under wraps and all together, without running the risk of it getting damaged along the way.

Helps to make an impact

Our presentation folders aren’t solely for those that are having meetings or clients with brand presentations. Perhaps you’re a prospective new employee of a company? You’ve got past that all important first interview stage and have been called back to make a presentation of your work, whether that is a portfolio of design work or a client list from previous jobs. Whatever it may be, it’s going to be as important to you as a brand presentation would be to any business man or woman. So why not use a presentation folder? Think about how that will look, when you arrive and see that other candidates have only brought standard folders and some nothing at all? Already, without having set foot in the room you are showing your prospective employers you have made an effort, went above and beyond to show your professionalism. At the end of the day, you will be the one that leaves the lasting impression, all because you decided to bring a presentation folder.

At a glance insight

You’re on the commute to your meeting, minding your own business.. You’re not sure who is around you, as your mind is focused on what you have to do. But some of those people are paying attention to you. Trying to figure out what it is you do or who you might work for, but they can’t, because the presentation you are carrying is in a plain black folder. But what if those few people were prospective clients? With a presentation folder, you can help them on their way to knowing what you do/who you work for and possibly bringing them on. Our presentation folders often have enough room to provide at a glance information, such as name, contact information and possibly a company tagline. This provides those looking in from the outside the information they need quick and easy which will be come in handy when they need the products or services that you provide.

Brand promotion

As presentation folders are usually printed in A4 or A5 size, there is going to be enough room on there to show of the basics of what you want to. So why not use this opportunity to promote your business and what you have done? As good as it is to get your own name out there, a lot of the time what people base success on is the clients that you have worked for or worked with in the past. Use your folder to your advantage and put this on them. Let the outside world know the top clients you have been involved with. This will be especially good if you are taking part in trade shows or meetings on a larger scale where there are quite a few different prospective clients. It’s always a good idea to leave some of these folders behind, maybe containing slimmed down versions of the presentation you have given. However that isn’t all people will be looking at. They will be interested in what the folder itself has to say. By using this space to promote yourself, it could mean the difference between someone maybe becoming your client, and someone definitely becoming your client. They will be able to see who you have worked with, and will know that you are a good client to be involved with.

Cost effective

Here at Kaizen, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you high quality presentation folders at great prices, that won’t set you back a fortune and that is exactly why you need them. You want to show your best self at your meetings and presentations, and being able to do it at a low cost is half the battle.   If you are in need of some presentation folder printing, feel free to give us a call on 028 9002 2474. Or alternatively, get us on our contact page if it is more convenient for you