Interlocking or glued presentation folders?

presentation foldersAt we use presentation folders each and every day. We deliver samples in them, quotes and portfolios. Because it’s our business we also use them as samples to showcase the quality of our own work. But we wouldn’t do this if we truly believed that a presentation folder wasn’t the absolute best way to manage our printed documents.

Why are presentation folders great?

Regardless of what’s inside a presentation folder, the first impression on how it looks when you hand it over to a client or potential client is critical. With this said, a well designed and printed presentation folder will ensure the right message is portrayed.

Many business owners and marketers brief us that they want a cheap presentation folder and their design brief suggests just putting a logo on it. This “it’ll do” attitude the opposite way to think about branding your presentation folders. Look at them as the opportunity to gain new business, to promote new products and services or re-engage customers who have maybe not ordered for a while or ordered elsewhere.

Presentation folders are among the highest impact items we sell. Their use by its very nature is hyper targeted and the information you include within it: a quote or tender is directed solely at the recipient. By ensuring you content and materials are focused on your key goal, you can capitalise on this extremely captive and target market with great success.

What is the difference between interlocking & glued presentation folders?

The process of printing and punching an interlocking or glued folder is exactly the same until they are put together. Where an interlocking folder is created to slot together, the glued version requires manual glueing to “stick” together. This adds a further process to the project whereby we manually glue the flaps to the folder to ensure a perfect fit.

What are interlocking presentation folders?

An interlocking folder is the most common type of presentation folder we print at These “self making” folders allow the users to store them flat and make them into a folder when required. This protects the folders in storage and keeps them ready for use at all times.

What are glued presentation folders?

A glued folder differs from an interlocking one in that glue strips hold the folder together. This secure method of creating a folder also offers the opportunity to add a gusset. This gusset is perfect for large volume of inserts that need to be held securely. The opinion of many is that glued presentation folders are superior to interlocking folders, however this is purely subjective and the quality of print and finishing does not differ. Only the making up of the folders is different.

What presentation folders do sell?

We sell both interlocking and glued presentation folders at The actual process of printing and punching is exactly the same. We offer the glued folders flat or made up. One concern with the made up glued folders is the storage of these. Finished folders can be somewhat bulky and the space taken up with them in comparison to the interlocking folders is many multiples the size.

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